3 Common Shampooing Mistakes That Can Affect Hair Loss

3 Common Shampooing Mistakes That Can Affect Hair Loss

When you are struggling with hair loss, there is a lot of things that need to be done in order to get your hair back on track or at least slow down the progression of hair loss. You need to begin by eliminating bad habits in your life since your lifestyle choices have a huge impact on hair loss. You need to then focus on eating healthy and making sure that your hair is being supplied with all the nutrients that it needs to grow at an ideal rate. The next item on your to-do list should be to buy a few different natural hair loss products that will give your hair the boost that it needs to be stronger and thicker. Among the hair loss products that you are going to buy, the natural hair loss shampoo is the one product that is truly essential.

Your hair loss prevention endeavours does not end with the purchase of a hair loss shampoo. In fact, you cannot expect the shampoo to work wonders just by applying it onto your hair or scalp. You need to be aware of how make the best use of the hair loss shampoo and the steps in applying it correctly. In other words, you have to get back to the basics and learn how to wash your hair properly.

Washing your hair sounds like a very easy thing to do, but trust us when we say this, it is not. You will not believe the number of people who make a series of errors when washing their hair with their favourite hair loss shampoo. These are not just harmless errors. They can cost you dearly in the long run. In fact, if you are not washing your hair properly, you will not be doing anything to solve your hair loss predicament. Wrong methods of hair loss shampoo application can actually worsen your hair loss condition. How ironic would that be?

The following is a list of the three major mistakes that people make when washing their hair. Once you go through this list, you will realize that putting on shampoo is definitely not a no-brainer thing to do:

1) Not Getting Your Hair Wet Enough

We understand that sometimes the weather outside can be bone chillingly cold and you may not be too inclined to spend much time inside the shower, but that does not give you the license to keep your hair dry. Dry hair is the root of all evil, when it comes to hair loss and hair care. Never rush your showers and never multitask during the shower. Unless and until you want to go bald, you should by all means focus on exposing your hair to an ample amount of water under the shower (Do not overdo it. Excessive washing can be a bad thing). Apply the hair loss shampoo only when the hair is soaking wet first. Here is an analogy for you to think about. A dirty pot is easier to clean when it has been soaked in warm water. In a similar way, the hair loss shampoo requires your hair to be wet before it can begin its action on your hair shafts, your hair roots and your scalp.

2) Applying Shampoo on Hair Ends Only

If anyone has ever advised you to only shampoo the ends of your hair, then they either want to see you go bald or they do not have enough knowledge about how hair care products work. Do not try to enact your own personal shampoo commercial by only shampooing the ends of your hair. There is no need to lather your hair into a big soapy pouf. The ends of your hair are actually the driest part of the entire hair strand. Apply more shampoo on the scalp which produces natural oils for your hair. Besides, you are not trying to treat split ends with a hair loss shampoo. You are trying to get to the “root” of your hair loss problem.

3) Rinsing Shampoo with Hot Water

This is once again a rookie error that so many people make. Regardless of how low the outside temperature is, a person suffering from hair loss simply cannot afford to wash his or her hair with hot water. Hot water will dry up your scalp and your hair. There is no need to expose yourself to cold water during the days of winter (We do not want you to catch a cold). However, we do suggest that you use lukewarm water when it is time to rinse off the hair loss shampoo from your scalp and hair. It is also worth noting that lukewarm water helps to preserve the colour of your hair. When you are letting the water run down your hair, do not press your fingers firmly against the scalp or scratch it. Handle your hair gently. It’s your hair after all.