3 Female Celebrities Who Went Bald and Inspired Women with Hair Loss

3 Female Celebrities Who Went Bald and Inspired Women with Hair Loss

There is a lot of discussion on what men can do when they are in the severe stages of hair loss and are faced with impending baldness. The internet is filled with perfect exit strategies or balding strategies for men in the event that their hair volume decreases to a minimum. Some suggest men to completely shave off their heads or go for the buzz cut. This is the kind of advice that a lot of men soften up to. But why do you think that men do not have a problem with getting rid of their hair and going bald? Our hair is after all an important symbol of our identity. For some of us, the loss of hair can lead to the loss of self esteem, self respect and even self believe. There have even been numerous documented cases of people slipping to depression due to hair loss. Then how come thousands of men are shaving off their heads every single day without even cringing once? It is because men have plenty of bald role models to look up to.

Take a look at Hollywood for example. The movie industry is filled with A-list actors who are proudly sporting a bald look. The likes of Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have iconic bald heads that people around the world perceive as fashion statements. In other words, the thought of going bald can never be as distressing for a man as it is for a woman. The law of nature dictates that women are to grow long, healthy and strong hair that captivates the eye of the beholder. The media portrays this age old convention of women having long hair in vivid colour every single day. Most of the leading female celebrities that we get to see on television have some of the most beautiful tresses that we have ever laid our eyes upon. But is long hair really a prerequisite to being beautiful?

That being said, things are changing nowadays. More and more female celebrities are starting to come up with ways in which they can be beautiful, charming and imposing without flaunting off their hair. In fact, plenty of female celebrities have actually gone bald either to crack a movie role or to develop their own personal sense of fashion. These women are nothing short of models of inspiration for all the other women in the world who are suffering from hair loss. Courtesy of their bold decision to go bald, women experiencing hair loss can realize that losing hair is not actually the end of the world or the end of one’s femininity. A woman can look enchanting and marvellous even without hair, as illustrated by the following celebrities:

1) Danai Gurira

She is better known for playing Michonne in the hit AMC television series, “The Walking Dead”. In the series, she is a brave woman with long, thick hair. However, in real life, Danai Gurira is a proud bald woman who has never had any reservations about revealing her baldness in public. Although she is not commonly pictured by the Paparazzi due to her low profile lifestyle, her recent interview with Jimmy Fallon was a small glimpse of how breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly adorable a lady can appear without having a single strand of hair on her head.

2) Halle Berry

Very few women in the world can rival Halle Berry in beauty. She is quite simply drop dead gorgeous. Keeping the stunning looks aside, Halle Berry is one of the most talented women on planet Earth and her talents have earned her recognition around the globe. Although she sports a unique silver white hairstyle when depicting the character of Storm in the X-Men movies, Halle Berry has cut her hair short on more than one occasion. In Nappily Ever After, Halle Berry decided to go bald to bring her character in the movie alive. In fact, she played the role of a woman who was losing her hair, and thus her character is something that a lot of balding women in American can easily relate to.

3) Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron can be described as a once in a lifetime celebrity, mainly due to her exceptional acting skills and her unparallel charm as an evergreen beautiful lady. We have seen her play numerous eccentric roles throughout the course of her career. However, none of them were perhaps as dynamic as the one she played in Mad Max where she portrayed the character of a badass bald (buzz cut) woman which pretty much changed people’s perception of raw and wild femininity.

Ladies, you do not even need to have short, thick hair too look bold and beautiful. All you need to do is grab a man’s electric razor and shave off your hair. Having thinning hair on top of your head is simply not worth it. Sometimes, it is not about the look, it is about carrying the look and executing it to perfection. Halle Berry, Danai Gurira and Charlize Therone have nailed it. What’s stopping you?