3 Natural Ways of Improving the Thickness of Your Hair

3 Natural Ways of Improving the Thickness of Your Hair

If the thickness of your hair has decreased considerably, then it could be a sign of hair loss. According to research, most men do not even realize that they are suffering from hair loss until they lose about more than half of their hair. This is quite a remarkable piece of information that tells you exactly how sneaky hair loss can be. However, there is nothing sneaky about hair loss once the bald spots and the bald patches on your head become evident. Before you reach the stage of hair loss where people start talking to you about how you are growing old and bald prematurely, you need to do something about the thickness of your hair.

A lot of people believe that the thickness of their hair is something that is beyond their control. There is a degree of truth to that belief because genetic composition is known to determine how thick your hair will be. However, that does little to change the fact that outside factors such as stress, an imbalanced diet and a poor hair regimen can significantly contribute to the thinning of your hair. Sometimes, the use of hair care products that are made with harmful synthetic chemicals can reduce the thickness of your hair and make it more flimsy.

Hair thinning is a problem that you should take very seriously. When the thickness of your hair is decreased, your hair shafts become weaker. Weak hair is more likely to fall of the scalp than thick and strong hair. In other words, people with thin hair are more prone to long term hair loss than those who have thicker locks. If you believe that the thickness of your hair requires an enhancement, you do not necessarily have to resort to the “miraculous” and expensive hair care products advertised on television. All you need to do is make the best use of the following three natural remedies:

1) Indian Gooseberry

You have probably never hear of Indian gooseberries before, but if you are struggling to hold on to your thinning hair, then it is high time for you to give this product of nature a try. Indian gooseberries are excellent ingredients when it comes to restoring the health of your scalp, making your hair thicker and increasing the hair growth rate. The anti-bacterial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of Indian gooseberries make it an indispensable commodity for any individual who is being incessantly troubled by persistent, adverse scalp conditions.

The best way to use Indian gooseberries in the treatment of your scalp and hair is by mixing it with coconut oil. A single tablespoon of Indian gooseberry can be combined with a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil to form a thick paste. Once the paste has been prepared, you can smear it all over your fingers and massage it on your scalp in a composed circular motion. You are advised to apply the Indian gooseberry concoction on your scalp at night before going to bed. You can rinse your hair in the morning and wash the paste off with shampoo.

If you turn this into a weekly habit, you are likely to see positive results in a couple of months.

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been rising up the ramp of popularity and importance over the last few years for a myriad of reasons. One of those reasons involves its positive effects on hair loss and hair thickening. Using Aloe Vera on your hair is regarded by a lot of experts as the best way to enhance the thickness of your hair naturally. In addition to making your hair thicker, Aloe Vera has medicinal properties that help to reinstate and stabilize the pH level of your scalp. It is worth noting that alterations in the pH level of the scalp can lead to infections and subsequent hair loss.

The best form of Aloe Vera that you can use is Aloe Vera gel. Make sure that the gel you are using has been freshly extracted. Apply the gel on your scalp and let it rest for the better part of an hour. Rinse your hair with warm water when removing the gel. Keeping this up once or twice every week will gradually restore the thickness of your hair.

3) Essential Oils

There is nothing quite like using essential oils when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair. In fact, essential oils have become synonymous with strong, dense and healthy hair. Each essential oil has its own set of unique properties that help to thicken the hair and soften it at the same time.

The best essential oil that you can use is olive oil. Applying pure, uncontaminated and unadulterated olive oil on your scalp for 30 minutes twice a week will definitely bring about an improvement in the thickness of your hair. For quicker results, consider mixing olive oil with honey.