3 Natural Ways to Increase Your Hair Growth

3 Natural Ways to Increase Your Hair Growth

Who says that you have to resort to store bought commercial products to enhance your hair growth and improve the health of your hair? Although those products are advertised as remedies which produce the best results, it is widely known that chemical and synthetic hair care treatments are not ideal options for victims of hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss, you should stay as far away as possible from those commercial products sold all over the country. Instead of giving into the brilliant advertising campaigns of popular brands, look to Mother Nature for long lasting solutions to your hair loss problems.

The first thing you need to concentrate on when you discover that your hair is thinning out is finding out ways in which you can put your hair growth back on track. If your hair does not grow fast enough, then the bald patches left on your head by consistent hair loss will never get covered up. As a result, the tiniest of bald patches will grow into visible and embarrassing bald spots. You certainly would not want to head over to a party or attend a friend’s wedding with a shiny bald spot on your head. Men might embrace baldness as a normal process of aging. Women on the other hand will have a tough time explaining to people why their beautiful locks of hair have gone missing.

If you are struggling to make use of natural methods for hair growth enhancement, then the following list will be of great help to you.

1) Having Adequate Stomach Acid

Let us start off with a bizarre way to increase your hair growth. The amount of stomach acid contained within your body can have a huge influence on how fast your hair grows. Does this sound puzzling? Bear with us for some time.

To understand the effects of stomach acid on hair loss, you need to first be acquainted with the function of the stomach acid itself. Stomach acid is needed for nutrient assimilation. In other words, once the food has been digested in the stomach, the nutrients in the food have to be assimilated before they can reach the cells of the body. These nutrients are used by the cells for growth. The hair too requires a substantial amount of nutrients to grow at a healthy pace. Therefore, you can consume as much healthy and nutritious food as you want, but none of it will lead to faster hair growth unless your stomach acid is assimilating the nutrients efficaciously.

If the volume of stomach acid in the body decreases, the rate of nutrient assimilation goes down as well. This has an overall negative effect on the growth of your hair. Hence, it is important for you to keep your stomach acid level in check and consult a doctor in case there is a significant decrease in the level of stomach acid.

2) Consuming Sufficient Amounts of Collagen

High-quality collagen contains a unique combination of amino acids that serve as the building blocks for thick and strong hair. They are also known to make your skin and nails healthier. A lot of people have observed a significant improvement in the growth of their hair following the regular consumption of collagen.

It is worth noting that there are no studies or research as of yet to confirm the positive impact that collagen has on hair growth. However, given the enormous amount of positive feedback this natural “protein powder” has received over the years, it is worth giving collagen a try. Also, there are no serious side effects of consuming collagen, which means that you have nothing to lose or be afraid of when using this natural ingredient for increasing your hair growth.

3) Maintaining Hormonal Balance

Much like the stomach acid, the balance of the hormones in your body plays a vital role in determining the speed of your hair growth. If there is a hormonal imbalance, then you can expect your hair growth to drastically slow down. Once again, it is always preferable to keep the hormones in your body in check. If you believe that you need further analysis, then you can set up an appointment with a doctor who specializes in hormonal balance of the human body. He or she will be able to provide you with all the instructions you need to follow to maintain your body’s hormonal balance.

The following are three key hormones that are important when it comes to increasing or decreasing hair growth:

Cortisol: This is the “stress hormone” which is known to impair metabolism and subdue hair growth.

Estrogen: When the estrogen levels are elevated in the body, a considerable amount of hair loss takes place in both men and women.

Thyroid hormones: If there is an adequate amount of thyroid hormones in the body, then metabolism takes place at an optimal rate. Steady metabolism in the body directly contributes to consistent hair growth.