3 Non-Surgical Ways in Which You Can Increase the Volume of Your Hair

3 Non-Surgical Ways in Which You Can Increase the Volume of Your Hair

When a person discovers the fact that he or she is experiencing hair loss, first instincts dictate that person to look for a magical solution to hair loss. We all know that there are no miraculous instant overnight fixes to hair loss. If there were, then the number of bald people in the world would have surely significantly decreased. Not only is there no cure to hair loss, but there is no proper way of growing back all the hair once a person goes through alopecia (or baldness). When the search for a magical hair loss potion ends, people look towards expensive hair loss creams, balms, oils and pills that are designed to stop the impediment of hair growth and increase the volume of hair. Although there are plenty of effective natural hair loss remedies and medications, most of them take effect quite slowly. The only way to stop people from noticing your thinning hair and bald spots is by putting on a wig. But will you be willing to wear a wig?

Most of the people who are going through hair loss will not be eager to use a wig. The idea of using a wig is in some ways quite insulting and embarrassing. Others have ethical concerns with the use of wig. Is it acceptable for you to appear to have a head full of thick, strong and dense hair when in reality your head is filled with bald spots? If you are not excited by the idea of wearing a wig that covers your head, then you could be stoked about undergoing hair transplant surgery. But then again, hair transplant surgeries aren’t always successful and extent to which these surgeries restore your hair is quite questionable. Furthermore, when you take into account the side effects and risks of a surgery you will not be too open to the idea of going under the knife.

Wigs and hair transplants are not only options if you are looking to cover up your thinning hair and increase the volume of your locks. Modern developments in the field of hair replacement have opened up windows of opportunity for people to enhance hair volume and hide hair loss without resorting to surgery or wigs. Here are three such options that you can consider:

1) Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are ideal for those who have mildly thinning hair or fine hair. They can instantly add volume and length to the existing hair that you have. A lot of people make the assumption that clip in hair extensions are simply for cosmetic purposes. The truth is that these people do not realize how difficult the life of a person with thinning hair can be. It is not just about looking beautiful. There is a lot more at stake. Using clip in hair extensions to enhance hair volume can restore the confidence that balding and hair loss had snatched away.

Clip in hair extensions are not recommended for those who are going through patchy hair loss. People with patchy hair loss need something that provides more coverage than length.

2) Hair Integration

If you are a person with patchy hair loss, then hair integration could just be the thing that you are looking for. Although it sounds like a surgical procedure, hair integration does not involve your skin being incised. It is a painless form of hair replacement which leads to an instant, full head of hair. Women who are going through severe hair thinning are advised to resort to hair integration.

When applying hair integration, colour matched real hair is attached to a fine lace. The lace is specially designed and it mirrors the shape of your head. Each lace piece is big enough to cover a thinning top. An invisible beading system is used to secure the lace to the scalp, so that it cannot be removed easily. The existing hair is threaded through and blended with the hair on the lace. If hair integration is executed perfectly, your hair loss will no longer be noticeable and you will have fuller hair that looks a lot like your own hair.

3) Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can be hailed as the latest development in the hair loss industry. It is a completely non-surgical approach to treating conditions such as thinning hair, hair loss and various forms of alopecia. Other problems associated with the scalp can also be easily treated by laser therapy. Low laser energy or soft laser light is usually used change the appearance of hair loss. This is a hair loss treatment that both men and women can used to enhance the volume of their hair without having their scalp cut by a surgical knife. Since it is still in its early stages of development, there are some concerns about the safety of laser hair therapy.