3 Problems that Bald People Face On a Regular Basis

3 Problems that Bald People Face On a Regular Basis

People are often under the impression that the life of a bald person is no different from that of someone who has normal hair on his or her head. Let us preface by saying that one can never understand the hardships and struggles of a person suffering from hair loss until they have gone through balding themselves. As the popular song says, “you only love her (hair in this case) when you let it go”. People take their hair for granted. There is absolutely no denying that. This is perhaps the reason why most people do not realize how difficult the life of a bald person can be. It is not just about the change in looks. It is mostly about the change in self esteem and the dire need to adapt to problems that no one wants in their lives.

Given the fact that the buzz cut and the crew cut trends are spreading all across the United States and growing immensely in popularity, it should come as a shocker to you that the contemporary style of sporting less hair on your head has done very little to make the life of a bald person any easier. They still have to go through the same derogatory remarks and listen to all those stale and lame jokes about Dr. Evil. Some might argue that it is all done in good fun. However, there is a break off point that a lot of people simply do not see.

There comes a time when the jokes become rotten and they start to hurt the bald person instead of making them chuckle or laugh. The jokes are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other problems that a bald man (or a woman) has to face on a regular basis. Here are three of the most annoying ones out of them:

1) People Making Assumptions

We live in a modern age where we are strongly advised to not comment on people on the basis of their appearance. It is all about reinforcing the idea of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, this moral teaching has had a flimsy positive effect on the lives of those who are suffering from hair loss or those who are bald. Believe it or not, people do not hesitate to make assumptions about a person’s character based on their hairstyle. For some people, hairstyle is actually the ideal indicator of a human being’s personality. This may be true in some isolated cases. However, that does not give anyone the right to label just because they have a particular hairstyle that makes them stand out.

Bald people, especially bald men, are often thought of as cold, arrogant and cunning individuals who are up to no good and are probably associated with one form of crime or the other. Just reading that line should make you realize how faulty that assumption is. Can a person be anymore judgemental than that? If bald people were indeed evil, malicious or threatening, then perhaps Mahatma Gandhi (you should Google him up if you already do not know who he is) was more of a tyrant than a revolutionary advocate of peace.

2) To Shave or Not to Shave

This is a dilemma that bald people deal with nearly every single week. Unless you are suffering from the most severe forms of alopecia such as alopecia totalis, you usually do not go completely bald. You do have some hair remaining on the sides and back of your head. Herein lies the dilemma. Should you shave off whatever scanty hair your have remaining to give your head a more equal and uniform bald look or should you keep that hair on and let people know that you have no intention of imitating Dr. Evil or Pitbull? The choice is yours, but we understand that it is a very difficult choice.

3) You Find It Extremely Difficult to Describe Yourself

Imagine you are meeting up with someone for the first time in a predetermined location at a specific time, and you are being asked to provide details about your appearance. Such a question can make a bald person exceedingly uncomfortable. As we all know, hair is an integral part of who we are on the outside. It is quite impossible to describe yourself without making mention of the type of hair you have and the colour of your hair, especially here in the West where we have people with all kinds of hair.

As a balding person or a person suffering from hair loss, it would be quite embarrassing for you to state that you are a guy who is thinning on top or losing his crowning jewel. This could become even more humiliating if you are describing yourself to a woman you have met online.