3 Remedies to Prevent or Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

3 Remedies to Prevent or Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

The teenage years are extremely important in a person’s life, especially in that of a female. This phase does not only mark the beginning of one’s physical development into adulthood, but it is also an important time for mental development. In fact, more and more people are becoming aware of teenage mental health issues and are showing interested to help teenagers overcome emotional obstacles in their lives. If you have to make a list of the things that could go wrong in the life of a teenage girl, that list would turn out to be very long indeed. One of the problems in that list would be the perceived loss of beauty due to undesirable physical changes. Everyone is familiar with the idea of puberty taking over to drastically alter the appearance of girls. However, very few people, including the teenage girls themselves, are concerned about hair loss and its many challenges.

Hair loss is a medical condition or a medical disorder that is often associated with older adults. In fact, a lot of people are under the impression that hair loss affects only those who are diseased or old. This is not true. Hair loss can become pressing issue in the life of a teenager as early as they hit puberty. This is particularly true for teenage girls. There are a number of reasons for which a teenage girl can be suffering from hair loss. For example, increased use of hot styling tools and colouring solutions can lead to traction alopecia in teenagers. Traction alopecia is another name for stress related hair loss.

Overcoming the challenges of hair loss or dealing with the problem effectively is more difficult for a teenage girl than it is for a woman. To begin with, the average adult woman has more money to spend on hair care products than the average teenage girl does. In addition to that, the emotional trauma of experiencing hair loss during the teenage years is obviously more devastating than that of going through hair loss during the latter years of adulthood. The third and most important reason why teenagers struggle to tackle hair loss is the fact that there are very few educational materials on hair loss that are catered for teenagers. In fact, the hair loss or hair care industry itself does not seem too bothered about teenage girls losing their hair. If you are looking for effective ways to prevent or stop hair loss in teenage girls, here are three remedies that you can try out:

1) Oiling the Hair

It is important for every teenage girl to be extra cautious about taking care of her hair right after she has reached the age of puberty. Puberty leads to a lot of hormonal fluctuations that can trigger hair loss in the scalp. One of the simplest and easiest ways of taking care of your hair as a teenager is to apply oil onto the scalp on a regular basis. There is absolutely no substitute to oiling your hair if you really want to take good care of it. Supplying your hair with the essential oils allows it to retain moisture, grow strong and stay healthy. Healthy hair is least vulnerable to falling off the scalp. Oiling is also a very inexpensive solution to hair loss, which means that teenage girls can easily buy good quality essential oils with their weekly or monthly allowances.

2) Protein Rich Diet

Unless a teenage girl is obese or on the brink of obesity, there is absolutely no reason for her to be bothered about weight management. There are too many teenage girls who are obsessed with the idea of having a zero figure. While being fit and chiselled does no harm per se, there is no need to give up on food and resort to crash diets to attain a figure that is beyond your reach. Teenage girls should focus on a protein rich diet. Hair is made up of keratin (a protein). Thus the more protein you have in your system, the better will be your chances of sustaining a healthy hair growth rate.

3) Performing Yoga

This might sound a little bizarre, but yoga is a very good hobby for a young girl to pick up during her teenage years. The list of yoga benefits is pretty long. However, a less talked about advantage of practising yoga is hair loss prevention. One of the major causes of hair loss in young girls is the lack of blood circulation near the scalp region. This can be easily prevented by performing yoga exercises early in the morning. There are specific yoga poses that can protect your hair and also speed up the growth of your hair. Regular yoga sessions can also relieve stress, which is another trigger for hair loss in teenagers.