3 Uses of Fenugreek Seeds in Combating Hair Loss

3 Uses of Fenugreek Seeds in Combating Hair Loss

Do you hate the thinning hair and bald patches on your head? Are you sick and tired of using artificial and synthetic products that have repeatedly made you empty promises of hair re-growth? Have you lost faith in finding an ideal treatment for your hair loss? Then you should not give up hope just yet. In such trying times and when faced with such difficult circumstances, you should always look to Mother Nature for support. As far as hair loss is concerned, Mother Nature surely has got you covered (more like she has your head covered). You can find numerous herbal remedies for hair loss in nature. Most of them work much better than what the people at the hair care products outlet try to sell you for a hefty price.

Among the many natural ingredients that you can use to combat your hair loss problems, fenugreek stands out for more reasons than one. Fenugreek basically contains a special variant of seeds that are used predominantly in the Indian subcontinent. In that part of the world, fenugreek goes by the name of “methi”. It is a highly versatile substance that can be used both as a flavour in cooking as well as a remedy for ailments including hair loss. It contains properties that give it the ability to facilitate the growth of healthy, new hair in those who are suffering from hair loss. It is particularly useful for people who lose hair due to inadequate nutrient consumption and nutrient assimilation.

Fenugreek can be used in a few different ways. Whichever way you choose to use it, it will yield you high rewards in terms of regenerating hair growth and preventing the loss of hair. Fenugreek is also known to enhance the strength of hair roots and improving the overall texture of the hair. Let us take a look at some of the common uses of fenugreek seeds to attain a better understanding of why this natural ingredient is so instrumental in combating hair loss.

1) Using Fenugreek Paste as Hair Mask

One of the simplest ways in which fenugreek controls hair fall is by acting as a mask for your hair. This mask protects the hair from exposure to outside conditions that can lead to damage.

To make use of fenugreek as a hair mask, you need to begin by keeping the fenugreek seeds soaked in water overnight. The idea behind this is that fenugreek seeds swell up when immersed in water. The more water they absorb, the softer they become. After they have been soaked in the water overnight, you can drain the water away and place the soaked, swollen seeds in a grinder. Grind the seeds till they adopt the texture of a smooth, velvety paste.

Once the paste has a good enough consistency, you can apply it on your scalp gently. Remember, it is important to get the scalp into direct contact with the paste since fenugreek can help alleviate scalp infections. There is no point simply covering up the hair with the fenugreek mask. Be very careful when you are spreading the paste. Too much rubbing or tugging can lead to hair breakage and damage, which would defeat the purpose of applying the hair mask.

2) Mixing Fenugreek Seeds with Coconut Oil

This is another effortless way of deriving the many benefits of fenugreek seeds. Both coconut oil and fenugreek seeds are extremely beneficial for hair loss prevention. Combining the two accentuates the effects of both the ingredients and provides you with a super hair loss prevention mixture that is much more effective than any product you can buy on the market.

To create this herbal concoction, you require a mixture of a table spoon of coconut oil and two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds. The mixture has to be boiled till both the ingredients appear brownish red. Once the mixture has been boiled, let the coconut oil cool down before separating the seeds from it. You have now infused the nutrients contained within fenugreek seeds in the coconut oil.

The fenugreek infused coconut oil can be massaged on to your scalp at night. Once again, try to be gentle with your massaging manoeuvres. Using this herbal remedy twice a week should help you manage your hair loss very easily.

3) Combining Fenugreek Seeds with Egg Yolk

If you are trying to get rid of scalp itch and dandruff (both of which can lead to hair loss), then your best option is to combine fenugreek seed paste with egg yolk. Prepare the fenugreek paste as mentioned before. Just before applying it on to your scalp, add an egg yolk to the paste. Mix the egg yolk and the paste well so that the concoction achieves a nice consistency.

Once you apply the fenugreek paste and egg on the scalp, keep it on for about 45 minutes before rinsing it off. Use an aromatic shampoo to neutralize the unpleasant smell of the egg yolk.