3 Ways to Rebuild Your Confidence after Finding Out that You Are Experiencing Hair Loss

When you find out that you are experiencing hair loss, you become overwhelmed with a number of bitter emotions. At first, you have to deal with denial. It is very hard for anyone to accept the fact that they have to gradually bid farewell to their precious locks that they had taken for granted all these years. You force yourself to believe that you are not going to suffer from further hair loss, despite knowing deep down inside your heart that the situation is only going to become worse. Once the denial fades away, you enter the world of disappointment. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing bald spots develop on your head. At that moment in time, you begin to lose faith in your own good looks. You start to harbour the belief that you have adopted a very unpleasant appearance that will not be able to satisfy the beauty standards of the modern society. Disappointment is soon followed by panic and desperation. You become desperate to find an instant cure to your hair loss, only to discover that there are no miracle products out there that can fix your hair loss problem overnight.

Once you absorb this wave of emotions, you become a broken person. Your confidence gets shattered into pieces. You start to feel less incompetent. You begin to think that you will not be as significant in society as you once were. Hair loss seems like a very simple problem, but it can have devastating effects of the psyche of an individual. In a time like this, it is imperative for you to work on rebuilding your confidence. Once you get your confidence level back up, you will find it much easier to accept your condition and focus on improving the hair loss situation by trying out a number of treatment methods.

The rebuilding phase is one that is full of trials and tribulations. To make your life a little easier during this time, here are a few tips on how to rebuild your confidence after the discovery of hair loss.

1) Open Up

Do not keep your emotions suppressed and your thoughts locked up inside your mind. These bitter emotions and negative thoughts will only serve to make you more miserable. They will eat you alive unless you do something about them. Hence, it is very important for you to express yourself and open up to people that you are comfortable talking with. Call up a loved one and let them know about your hair loss situation. They may not be experts who can offer professional advice, but their words of comfort will go a long way in alleviating the pain of discovering that you are going bald. If you have any regrets, complaints or confusions, let them know about it. Even if they can’t help you, they will find someone who can. It is nearly impossible to survive hair loss without the support of your loved ones.

2) Face the Truth

A lot of people shy away from learning more about hair loss once they get to know that they are suffering from this condition. This is a defensive mechanism developed by your mind. By staying away from information that will most probably enlighten you about your own condition, you are delaying the act of facing your fears. Doing this for the first few days is understandable, but it becomes unacceptable after a certain period of time. You need to face your fears in order to normalize your state of mind and get your life back on track. If you are constantly hiding from the truth, you will never be able to find the peace needed to rebuild your confidence.

3) Pamper Yourself at an Extravagant Hair Salon

Trips to the hair salon are quite costly, especially if you prefer the high end ones. But sometimes, it is important for you to spend a bit of money and indulge in a bit of luxury to feel good about a bad situation. Instead of heading over to a cheap regular hair salon where the staff will have no clue of what to do with your dwindling hair, visit a high end hair salon. The professionals in that salon will be able to come up with a hairstyle for you that will minimize the appearance of bald spots in your head. Leave it to them to make you look stunning and fabulous. Once you come out of the hair salon, you will definitely feel a lot more confident about flaunting your hair off in public. People will appreciate your new look and you will no longer feel that your appearance is an unpleasant one. This is the simplest and most effective way of rebuilding your confidence.