4 Creative Ways to Make Your Life Better After Hair Loss from Chemo Therapy

Cancer is directly and indirectly affecting the lives of millions of people around the world today. Medically speaking, it is one of the worst things that can happen to an individual. In fact, cancer is one of those cunning diseases that impairs your body and suppresses your mind at the same time. People who suffer from cancer often lose hope of survival. They begin to feel helpless and start believing that their existence has no meaning. To make the situation worse, cancer victims start to experience significant hair loss right after they undergo chemo therapy. By significant, we mean massive hair loss. Most cancer patients undergo partial or complete baldness after chemo therapy. The loss of hair can lead to devastating effects on the psyche of any individual in the world, let alone a cancer patient who already has plenty of dues to pay.

As a cancer victim or as a person who is looking after a cancer victim, you should know that this disease is not the end of the world. There may not yet be a cure for cancer or hair loss, but you can fight the disease and win your battle against both cancer and hair loss. While you are doing that, you can take certain steps to make your life slightly more enjoyable and improve your mental condition as a cancer victim. Here are four creative ways of combating the ill effects of chemo therapy induced hair loss:

1) Shave Your Head Party

A shave your head party is probably the last kind of party where you would want to be the centre of attention. As bizarre and embarrassing as it may sound, a shave your head party could be the saving grace for a cancer victim who is experiencing significant hair loss due to chemo therapy. The hair is going to fall out eventually, so why not celebrate it instead of hiding it? The natural instinct of any cancer victim dictates him or her to conceal the baldness caused by chemo therapy. But you need to ask yourself, will hiding the truth make you feel any better? The answer is probably no. Come out in the open and let everyone know that you are putting up a great fight against cancer by undergoing chemo therapy. Ask your family, friends and loved ones to arrange a wonderful shave your head party. The idea here is to normalize baldness so that you do not have to be afraid of it.

2) Henna Crowns

Just because you have lost your hair because of the effects of chemo therapy does not mean that you have to give up your style or sense of fashion. There are some cancer victims who decide to give their bald heads a bit more colour and flair through a henna crown. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of applying henna, getting a henna crown or a henna design on any part of the body is like getting a temporary tattoo. You wouldn’t want to put yourself under the stress of getting tattooed when you are dealing with burdening effects of chemo therapy. Hence, your next best option is to get a henna crown. This serves as a simple and fun way of keeping your spirits up when you are going through the difficult days of chemo therapy.

3) Silky Soft Scarves

There is always a silver lining on the grey cloud. Losing your hair after a few sessions of chemo therapy gives you the opportunity to try out fancy head gear that you may have never considered using in your life. Silky soft scarves wrapped around your head are a great option. Given the texture of the material, the scarves are going to make you feel pretty comfortable. If you buy scarves of the right colour and with the right patterns, then you could quite possibly pull off the hipster look. Once again, this is a wonderful way of keeping your mind away from the chemo therapy clinic.

4) Wigs from the American Cancer Society

You might not be too comfortable with the idea of letting the world know that you have cancer. That is completely understandable and you have right of concealing your medical information. To make sure that people don’t constantly raise eyebrows at your bald head, you can use wigs. Wigs are available in different qualities. Some of the best ones can be purchased from the American Cancer Society. This organization has its own Wig Program that provides free wigs for women who are 18 and above. It is worth noting that you must have an appointment to participate. A combination of realistic wigs and fancy scarves should keep you quite busy and distracted while you are undergoing chemotherapy.