4 Essential Chinese Herbs To Help You Overcome Your Hair Loss

4 Essential Chinese Herbs to Help You Overcome Your Hair Loss

Chinese medicine is acknowledged and acclaimed internationally. It has been around for several centuries and has helped people around the world to recover from a number of different ailments that were previously considered to be incurable. The uniqueness of Chinese medicine lies in its utilization of natural, organic and herbal ingredients. Instead of resorting to artificial and synthetic chemicals, the practitioners of Chinese medicine make use of the ability of natural ingredients to heal illnesses, ailments and disorders, including hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you are strongly advised to try out Chinese medicine before relying on commercial products and technologically advanced surgical hair loss treatments. Since Chinese medicine revolves around the use of natural herbs and oils, you do not have to be concerned about being overwhelmed with unwanted side effects. The positives of using Chinese medicine as a hair loss remedy certainly outweigh the negatives. In fact, experienced hair loss consultants will suggest you to try out Chinese herbs to prevent or treat your hair fall condition before you enter the stage of severe hair loss.

Most of the Chinese herbs can work on your hair as individual remedies. Some can be combined with other herbs to produce a better a result. There are plenty of Chinese herbs that are easily available on the market today. Make sure that you pick the ones that are fresh and have been grown organically. If you are not sure about which herb to bring home, then take a look at the following list of four essential Chinese herbs for hair loss.

1) Fo-ti

This is by far the most commonly used Chinese medicinal herb in the land of China and in other parts of the world. You will be pleased to know that China’s most popular herb has been used to treat hair loss for centuries. This herb is extremely useful in increasing the growth of your hair. If new hair does not grow fast enough, then you will be left with bald patches on your head. Consuming herbs that facilitate faster hair growth is a smart way of dealing with your hair loss condition.

In addition to fighting hair loss, Fo-ti is known to restore the natural pigmentation of your hair. Since it increases the blood circulation in the body, this herb can help in keeping your scalp healthy and well nourished.

2) Reishi Mushroom

If you love mushrooms, then you now have another reason to stock up on them. The Reishi mushroom can be found in most provinces of China. This mushroom is used to cure folliculitis. You probably have never heard of folliculitis before, but it is something that can affect you every easily. When a person suffers from folliculitis, grey or whitish boils (resembling pimples) form around the hair follicles. Sometimes, these can be found on the roots of your hair strands. As a result of folliculitis, people suffer from significant hair loss and incessant itching.

The Reishi mushroom is extremely effective in getting rid of folliculitis, which is why it has been incorporated into a number of different allopathic medicines for hair loss.

3) Nu Shen Zi

This is another Chinese herb that is pivotal in enhancing the growth of your hair. Its specialty lies in its ability to treat bald patches on the head. If you are going through hair loss, then bald patches are probably your primary concern. There is nothing quite as embarrassing or annoying as having your bald patches exposed in front of people who are constantly reminding you about your thinning hair. If you are sick and tired of hearing comments about your hair loss, then it is high time that you give Nu Shen Zi a try.

Nu Shen Zi is known to purify the blood in your body and improve the blood circulation in the scalp region. When blood circulation near the scalp is improved, the scalp receives an abundant supply of nutrients which allows it and the hair to stay healthy and moisturized. With regular use of Nu Shen Zi, you will not suffer from problems such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

4) Wu Wei Zin

The Wu Wei Zin works in a similar way to the Nu Shen Zi. It purifies the blood and aids blood circulation in all parts of the body. The people of China regard Wu Wei Zin as one of the most effective natural beauty enhancers. It is particularly known for its ability to cure baldness. If you are in a stage of severe hair loss, then you can use Wu Wei Zin as a last ditch attempt at restoring your beautiful locks. You will be pleased to know that this herb has the potential to cure even the most difficult cases of baldness.

If consumed in the adequate amount, Wu Wu Zein can drastically increase the growth of your hair and make your hair soft, silky and lustrous.