4 Hair Loss Treatments that Are Almost the Perfect Cure for Baldness

Anyone who tells you that there is a perfect, universal cure for hair loss and baldness is either lying to you or is completely misinformed about the fundamental problems associated with the loss of human hair. The fact of the matter is that hair loss cannot be reversed naturally. Then why are people spending their hard earned money on natural herbal remedies? It is because the primary goal of any person who is losing his or her hair should be damage limitation. In other words, when you are suffering from hair loss problems, you need to focus on slowing down the progression of hair loss and preventing your bald patches from growing any larger.

There are many balding individuals who are not satisfied by the fact that hair loss cannot be reversed. This sentiment is quite understandable. Not everyone is able to cope with the loss of hair in a positive manner. Some people find it extremely embarrassing to have their baldness exposed in public. It crushes their self esteem, ruins their morale and hurts their image. Most bald people have to deal with the agony of knowing that they are never going to have a head full of thick, shiny and healthy hair again. The key word here is most. This is because there are individuals who have found ways to get back at baldness.

By resorting to certain medications and advanced hair loss treatment procedures, you can afford yourself the opportunity of getting your hair back again. None of these procedures or medications should be deemed as a “complete and undisputed cure” for hair loss. If anything, these are artificial ways of helping people get rid of the embarrassment of becoming bald.

1) Scalp Reduction Process

This is a pretty well known process that is often sold to consumers as a permanent fix for hair loss (it is not). Scalp reduction involves surgery. When you undergo this surgical procedure, the portion of the scalp where hair growth is absent or minimal is removed. The part of the scalp that has better hair growth is stretched out to fill up the empty space left by the “bald scalp”. This is an extremely complicated and risky surgical procedure that should only be carried out by the most skilled professional surgeons. The margin for error is as narrow as it gets. Also, you need to have your pockets full in order to afford this surgery as this is a very high budget hair loss solution. If the surgery is a success, then your head will look significantly less bald than before.

2) Micro Grafting

Micro grafting is perhaps most commonly referred to as hair transplantation. It is a very painstaking procedure to say the least. Surgeons can only transplant 1 or 2 hairs at most per graft. It is perhaps the most complex surgical hair restoration procedure in the world. As is the case with most surgeries, the complexity of the procedure is often a reflection of its riskiness. The surgeon cannot afford to make any major errors during the entire hair transplantation process as the results would then be disastrous. The patient who is undergoing the surgery has to be under the effect of local anaesthesia because this procedure can cause severe pain. The anaesthesia is often followed up by sedation in an effort to increase the comfort and lower the pain.

3) Slit Grafting

Many believe that the slit grafting is a better option than micro grafting. About 30 to 40 hairs are transplanted per graft. Hence, it is ideal for people who are suffering from extreme hair loss. That being said, slit grafting is a more expensive hair restoration procedure than micro grafting. Most people with severe hair loss problems cannot afford slit grafting and the other expenses associated with this surgery. Local anaesthesia is an integral part of this surgical hair restoration procedure.

4) FDA Approved Medications

There are a good number of FDA approved medications in the market which “claim to alleviate baldness”. The claims are not entirely true. However, medications such as Propecia and Rogaine have yielded positive results for many individuals. If you are in the early stages of hair loss and only have one or two minor bald spots on your head, then you should consider using hair loss medications on a regular basis. If your hair loss can be stopped or slowed down significantly at an early stage, you may never have to deal with the embarrassment of becoming bald.

As previously mentioned, none of these 4 hair loss treatments should be labelled as a cure for your baldness. Researchers are still working hard to find a product, a remedy or a medical procedure that can cure all types of baldness by regenerating hair growth in a natural way. Till that cure arrives, people have to stay content with abovementioned hair loss treatments.