4 Most Common Causes of Hair Breakage

A lot of people are interested to learn the secret of hair loss prevention. Frankly speaking, there aren’t any secrets to keeping your hair on your head. All you really need to do is follow the basics of hair care meticulously. You need to develop a genuine interest towards taking good care of your hair. You also need to remember that hair care is not restricted to simply applying tons of shampoo on your precious locks. If anything, you have to be careful about the amount of shampoo that you put on your hair on a weekly basis. The idea is to do whatever is necessary to keep your hair healthy, strong, shining and beautiful.

When it comes to maintaining the strength and health of your hair, you need to keep an eye out for hair breakage. Hair breakage can take place in a variety of forms. Most people suffer from hair breakage through split ends. Split ends are very common and can be treated quite easily. The more concerning issue is brittle and weak hair that breaks off haphazardly. If you have such hair, then the days of hair loss are not too far away.

Hair breakage is a problem that should not be ignored if you want to really avoid hair loss. Treating hair breakage can be a simple or a complicated task, depending upon how you approach the problem. A good place to start is by acquainting yourself with the common causes of hair breakage. The following are four major causes of hair breakage that will give you a clear idea about what you need to do (or what you should stop doing) in order to get rid of this problem:

1) Hairstyles

The kind of hairstyle that you flaunt off can have a major impact on the health of your hair. There are certain hairstyles that create tension or tightness on the scalp. These are the ones that you need to avoid because they cause your hair to break off easily, especially if your hair is weak and malnourished. Even though is made up of protein (keratin to be precise), it is not exactly the strongest part of your body. It is quite fragile, especially around the nape and crown. Any kind of tugging, pulling, pressure or tightness can cause your hair to become even weaker and eventually break off. If your hair is breaking off on a regular basis, then you will eventually develop bald patches on your head.

2) Hair Styling Tools

Hair styling tools have the potential to cause even more damage than tight or taut hairstyles. Most hair styling tools function by applying a certain amount of heat on your hair. Take for example the blow dryer. It dries your hair by passing hot air through it. Normally, it is hard to comprehend the kind of damage that heat can cause to your hair. However, if you dig up more information on the chemistry of your hair, you will discover that the hair strands and the hair follicles do not respond well to heat exposure. It is okay to use hot styling tools once in a while when you absolutely need them. However, becoming dependent on hot styling tools and using them on a daily basis can turn your scalp into a huge mess. The exposure to excessive heat lowers the strength of your hair, makes them weaker and breaks them off. Years of exposure to the heat from hot styling tools can lead to irreversible hair damage and hair breakage.

3) Styling Products

If you are a fan of staying in touch with the regular hairstyle trends, then this list is probably becoming a little hard for you to read. Taut hairstyles, hair styling tools and hair styling products can all be bad for your hair. This does not mean that we are putting all the hair styling products in the same basket. Generalizing all hair styling products by labelling them as items that are detrimental for your hair would be a silly thing to do. There are plenty of organic and all-natural hair styling products out there that can actually do wonders for your hair. However, our focus in this discussion is on the generic or conventional hair styling products that have been causing people to suffer from hair damage, hair breakage and hair fall for a very, very long time. These products should not find a place inside your home.

4) Wet Hair

If your hair is wet, then you should try to reduce its manipulation. Hair should have the perfect level of moisture. If your hair becomes too dry, it will be susceptible to damage. If it is too wet, it is likely to break off as well. Do not try to detangle your wet hair with your bare hands. Use a detangler to get rid of those annoying tangles and knots. Furthermore, you should keep a wide toothed comb at home to take care of your wet hair.