4 Myths About Male Hair Loss You Thought Were True

4 Myths about Male Hair Loss You Thought Were True

Men often find themselves in a precarious position when dealing with hair loss. Most teenagers or young men who go through extended periods of hair loss usually have no clue as to why their beautiful lock of hair is thinning out with every new day. Some people simply learn to embrace the problem and leave their hair loss unattended and untreated. Others desperately look for cheap and quick fixes to the hair loss predicament in an attempt to regain their beloved hairstyle.

Having correct knowledge about hair loss is a very important part of preventing hair loss or reversing its effects. If you are not informed about the exact reasons for which your hair is falling out of your head thick and fast, then you will never be in an advantageous position to prevent hair loss and hide your bald patches with newly grown hair. Sometimes, in an effort to seek knowledge, boys and men end up reading certain skewed or untrue “facts” on hair loss. Believing in these myths is of no help whatsoever. The myths will further confuse you and put your hair loss prevention efforts off track.

The following is a list of four widespread myths dealing with male hair loss that you probably thought were true when you first read or heard about them.

1) Nutritional Deficiency is the Main Cause of Hair Loss

The moment you start losing your hair, people come up to you and tell you that you have not been eating enough healthy food. At that time, you should not pay much attention ot their comments. There is nothing wrong in eating healthy food. In fact, you ought to concentrate on maximizing the amount of healthy food in your diet. However, as a boy or a man, nutritional deficiency is not what you should be looking at when you are searching for the root cause of your hair loss. Hair loss due to nutritional deficiency is more common in women. For men, the major culprit is male pattern baldness.

You will be stunned to know that 95% of all hair loss cases result from male pattern baldness. The scientific term for this is androgenic alopecia. When you go through male pattern baldness, you gradually lose all your hair over a period of years (which can range from five to twenty). Male pattern baldness stems from dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that comes from the testosterone. This hormone is known to shorten the hairs’ growth cycle significantly. As a result, hair follicles start to become undersized and hair loss begins to take place.

2) Hair Loss is passed Down from Your Old Man

The relationship between hair loss and genetics is rather complicated. However, your father is not necessarily the one to blame for your baldness. The theory that “hair loss genes” is passed down from the father to the son is nothing more than a myth. There is evidence to suggest that predisposition to male pattern baldness is hereditary and is therefore associated to genetics.

However, the reason why the father-son baldness theory is a myth is because unfavourable genes leading to baldness can be inherited from both maternal and paternal sides. According to experts, male pattern baldness is caused by a number of genes. It all boils down to dominant inheritance patterns. In other words, your mother and the bald men in her family could be the ones responsible for your hair loss.

3) Only Middle Aged Men Suffer from Hair Loss

If you think that there is no chance of you growing bald before you become a middle aged man, then you are completely wrong. Men can lose all their hair while they are still in their 20s. By the time you are 30, you might end up looking like Pitbull or Jason Statham for that matter. Looking like them is not exactly the worst thing in the world, but you would still want to hold on to your hair for as long as you possibly can. Some say that hair loss only begins to appear when men cross the age of 20. Once again, this is another piece of fabricated information.

Boys can suffer from hair loss right after they have hit puberty. Although it takes a considerable number of years for the hair loss to reach its advanced stages, but the earlier you start losing your hair, the higher are your chances of going completely bald.

4) Hair Loss Treatments Do Not Work

Since male pattern baldness is connected with having poor genes, many people make the assumption that hair loss cannot be prevented or cured. This leads them to label hair loss treatments as ineffective and a waste of money. As much as the pessimists try to force this idea down your throat, you should never stop looking for hair loss treatments when you start losing your hair.

The ideal option is to look for natural hair loss remedies, since they work the best and have little to no side effects.