4 Siddha Medicine Remedies for Your Hair Loss

When people face the challenge of treating their hair loss condition, they end up choosing between two main treatment options. There are those who place their faith in artificial or synthetic hair loss restoration methods. This can include anything from advanced hair loss products to surgical hair transplant procedures. The other treatment route that people take is the one that involves the use of natural hair loss remedies. Some believe that this the harder option between the two. The reason for that is because you need to acquire a bit of knowledge about natural hair loss remedies before you can apply them. This is exactly what makes it the better option. The more you understand your hair loss condition and the remedy for it, the better are your chances of reversing the ill effects of hair loss. If you remain in the dark about both of them, you are going to end up going nowhere with your hair loss treatment.

You need to have an open mind to make natural hair loss remedies work. You need to have the ability to look for solutions in places where you have never looked before. This is because some of the best natural hair loss remedies are the ones that are the most exotic or ancient. There are documented cases of balding individuals benefitting from Chinese medicine or ancient Indian medicine. As far as Indian medicine is concerned, there are plenty of options for you to try out. India has diverse schools of medicine. Many of them may not offer a solution to your hair loss predicament. But the ones that do are definitely worth a shot.

Among all the Indian schools of herbal medicine that can help people with hair loss, the Siddha medicine stands out for a number of reasons. As a person from the West, you have probably never heard of Siddha medicine before. But it is important for you to learn about unknown hair loss remedies and try them out if you want to retain and regain your hair. Here are four Siddha remedies that you can try out:

1) Siddha Hair Wash Powder

This hair wash powder offers a wonderful solution to a number of hair loss problems. To create this wash powder, you need 100 gm of soap or shikakai, 10 gm of hibiscus leaves and another 100 gm of fenugreek seeds that have been exposed to direct sunlight. All of these ingredients should be dry roasted in the heat. Once roasted, you can grind them up into a fine powder. You can combine this powder mixture to any existing hair wash that you are using at the moment or you can simply apply this directly to your hair with a bit of moisture.

2) Siddha Coconut Oil Mixture for Rapid Hair Growth

If you want to get back at hair loss, you need to focus on growing your hair back alongside retaining it. Siddha medicine has the ideal natural remedy for anyone who is looking to speed up their hair growth. This remedy is based on the use of fresh coconut oil (1 litre) that has been thoroughly combined with 50 gm of dry curry leaf powder. The oil mixture must first be boiled for a period of 5 minutes before being left to rest and cool. The mixture should be directly applied to your hair once or twice a week. Do not wash the oil off immediately. It is preferable for you to apply the oil before going to sleep at night so that you can wash it off during the early morning shower.

3) Siddha Sesame Oil and Lotus Leaf Mixture for Improved Hair Health

A person who is suffering from hair loss needs to come up with ways to rejuvenate the health of the hair follicles. If the hair follicles are malnourished, your hair growth will be impeded and you will end up losing your hair in patches. Practitioners of Siddha medicine recommend a wonderful sesame oil and lotus leaf mixture that can do wonders for the health of your hair. To create this mixture, you need to heat about 10 or 12 lotus leaves over low heat in order to extract the natural lotus leaf juice. This extract should then be combined with half a litre of sesame oil. The mixture has to be boiled over medium heat for a few minutes. Once it has cooled down, you can start applying it directly onto your hair.

4) Siddha Aloe Vera Mixture for Hair Regeneration

Bald patches are a sight of horror to people who suffer from hair loss. The only way to cover up bald patches in your head is by regenerating hair growth in those vulnerable areas. To get this done, you can use a traditional Siddha Aloe Vera remedy that has proven to be immensely helpful to hundreds and thousands of people. All you need to do to prepare this mixture is combine 100 ml of Aloe Vera juice (commercial product can be used) with 3 teaspoons of fenugreek seed powder and a bit of coconut oil. This mixture should then be boiled over medium heat for a period of 3 to 4 minutes. Apply the mixture thrice a week for best results.