4 Simple Home Remedies for Greying Hair

Grey hair is one of the most terrifying sights for a woman. This is particularly true for females below the age of 40. Once you reach the age of 40, you start to embrace the possibility that your head will be sprinkled with white hair strands. However, a woman in her 20s or 30s will find it extremely difficult to accept the fact that her body is showing premature signs of aging.

The worst part of this fear is facing people who will judge you based on your appearance. It hurts every time someone calls you old after a spotting a few grey hairs on your head. At that point in time, there really isn’t much spirit left in your to muster up a proper response to the harsh remark that has stung your mind.

You should never care about what other people have to say about your grey hair. However, if you are finding it really hard to digest hurtful comments made by others, then you can try to conceal your grey hair in an effort to stop the influx of such comments. Grey hair can be concealed without the use of high end hair salon products. Here’s how you can do it:

1) Gooseberry and Fenugreek Hair Pack

Gooseberry and fenugreek are two ingredients which are extremely useful in maintaining the health of your hair. They are often used in hair masks that are meant to nourish your hair and keep it thoroughly moisturized. You could also use these ingredients to form the most effective natural hair dye to cover up grey hair. This is a great grey hair home remedy that you must not miss out on if you are looking for cost effective solutions for those grey sprinkles on your head.

To prepare the hair pack, you need a fresh paste of fenugreek seeds that have been combined with 3 teaspoons of gooseberry powder. To further intensify the mixture, you can add 1 teaspoon of coffee powder to the hair pack. Add a bit of water to the mixture. This will make it easier for you to blend in all the ingredients together. Keep blending the mixture till it develops a paste-like consistency.

Apply the mixture directly on your hair. Don’t wash it off till it dries. This shouldn’t take you longer than an hour. When it is time for you to wash off the mixture, use a mild shampoo. The gooseberry and fenugreek natural hair dye is commonly used in various regions of the Indian subcontinent. It hasn’t attained much popularity in the West as of yet. However, in this age of DIY or homemade products, the fenugreek and gooseberry hair dye is a very smart solution to your greying hair problem.

2) Black Tea Remedy

Black tea can be delightfully useful in covering up your grey hair. In fact, it is one of the best ingredients that you can use to create a home remedy for hair loss.

To prepare this remedy, you need to at first boil 2 teaspoons of tea leaves. Make sure that no milk or sugar has been added. Once the tea water has been boiled, take it off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature.

The cooled mixture should be poured over your hair. Don’t pour in the mixture altogether. Let the drops of black tea trickle down your hair strands slowly. This will give the black tea ample time to take effect. If you want, you could collect the black tea that is trickling down your hair and re-use it.

Once you are done applying the black tea remedy, rinse your hair with cold water. There is no need to use a shampoo when rinsing your hair.

3) Coconut and Lemon Remedy

This effective home treatment for greying hair can be used twice a week. To prepare this mixture, you need to fill up a small bowl with pure coconut oil. Add 3 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in the oil.

Mix the lemon juice and coconut thoroughly. Once the blend is ready, apply it directly along the length of your hair. You should let the coconut and lemon remedy rest on your hair for the better part of an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo and cold water.

4) The Sage Water Hair Spray

Sage leaves are a very important part of the Ayurvedic medicine practised in the Indian subcontinent. It has specific properties that make it a valuable natural ingredient in a holistic hair care routine. Studies show that these sage leaves have the ability to restore the natural colour of hair and delay the onset of greying hair.

All you need to do to prepare the remedy is add a few sage leaves in boiling water. The flavour and the nutrients contained within these leaves must be infused into the water. Once the water has been boiled, you can cool down the liquid and spray it over your hair. Avoid the use of a shampoo for at least 2 hours after you have applied the sage water hair spray.