4 Simple Things You Can Do to Draw Attention Away from Your Hair Bald Spots

There are very few things in the world that are as embarrassing and humiliating as bald spots. Unless you have those annoying patches on top of your head, you would not know the pain of listening to people talk about your hair fall or seeing them point it out in public. Saying that having your bald spots exposed is an embarrassing experience would be quite the understatement. In fact, it can be a horrible confidence crusher. In certain cases, it completely destroys your self esteem and tarnishes your reputation.

Imagine yourself at a party. There are a few girls in the house who have caught your attention. As a man, you would want to impress them and approach them in true gentleman fashion. To make sure that they don’t spot your bald patches, you are covering them up by sliding your remaining hair over them. This is a technique that a lot of men have used in the past. Unfortunately, this technique almost always ends in disastrous failure. If you try to move a little too much while flaunting off your dance steps, your hair might get displaced and your bald spots would appear out of the blue. This would surprise the girls in a very unpleasant way. Some of them could be sympathetic or sporting enough to actually not bother about it. Others would instantly discard your company and go after a man who knows how to take better care of his hair.

These are circumstances and situations that you want to avoid in life as a man with thinning hair and bald spots. Drawing attention away from your bald spots does not necessarily have to be a complicated task. You can simplify it with these easy steps:

1) Avoid the Use of Hair Products that Are Too Oily or Heavy

Oily or heavy hair products suit men with thick, dense black hair. Unfortunately for you, you are not one of them. These products tend to weigh the hair down and make it feel and look greasy. There is nothing more agitating and unappealing than greasy, oily hair with bald spots scattered in the middle. The use of artificial or synthetic products should be avoided when you are experiencing hair fall. However, if you can’t live without those products, then we advise you to pick the ones that are light and airy. For example, you can always opt for lightweight protein sprays or the water-based creams. These are known to give a bit of bulk to the strands without adding too much weight.

2) Use a Good Conditioner after Shampooing Your Hair

Most men shampoo their hair, but many of them could care less about buying a conditioner. It is commonly believed that the conditioner is a female exclusive product. This is as absurd as stating that hair loss is a male exclusive problem. Everyone needs a conditioner. In fact, different people require different types of conditioners. Women, for example, prefer moisturizing conditioners because they do not want their hair to end up dry and brittle. As a man with thinning hair, your eyes should be on the kind of conditioners that add a bit of volume to the hair. Increasing the volume of your hair will make it easier for you to hide those bald spots. In fact, this is a very natural way of drawing attention away from the patches. When such conditioners are applied perfectly, the effect is absolutely fantastic.

3) Cut Your Hair Short

This is an oft repeated piece of advice for men with thinning hair. When you have bald patches in between those precious locks, you should trim your hair short. This gives the appearance of fuller hair. Keeping long locks makes it quite obvious that you are suffering from some serious hair loss problems. Short hairstyles on the other hand, such as the buzz cut, are a very simple and cost effective way of hiding the fact that you have bald spots on your head. You should make sure that you do not grow your hair out on the sides. That is a major mistake that will make you look quite unpleasant.

4) Make Your Facial Hair Stand Out

If your facial hair game is strong, you have won half of the battle against those annoying bald spots on your head. Well grown and well kept moustaches and beards are hot in demand. Men admire them and the women absolutely love them. This is practically a no-brainer that a lot of people seem to no notice. If you have a stunning beard or a moustache, people will be too busy complimenting that to notice the hair on your head. In other words, good facial hair makes up for bald spots on your crowning jewel.