4 Things You Must Be Doing Wrong If You Have Dry and Damaged Hair

Taking perfect care of your hair may seem like mission impossible to a lot of women out there. There is no denying the fact that hair care can be very exhausting and stressful at certain times. But do you know what’s more tiring than taking care of your hair? The answer is dealing with hair loss. There is nothing quite like facing the challenges of hair loss. Not only do you have to constantly hide those bald spots on your head, but you also have to figure out a way to not let hair loss affect your state of mind.

The moral of the story is to not be complacent when it comes to hair care. That being said, we all know that it is easier said than done. If you are already suffering from dry, damaged hair, then you have probably failed to take good care of your hair over the last few years. Now you may disagree with that because you may feel that you have done enough to ensure that your hair is in a great condition. You may have spent your money on the best hair care products, prepared the best home remedies for damaged hair and visited some of the best hair salons for pricey hair care sessions. All these are fantastic ways of keeping your hair in a wonderful condition. But you need to remember that a few mistakes can undo all your efforts to maintain the health and strength of your hair.

If you have dry and damaged hair, then there must be a handful of errors that you are making. Unless you stop making these mistakes, you will not be able to fix you damaged hair, regardless of how many remedies or hair care products you apply. Doing the following four things is what causes most women to have damaged hair:

1) You Are Styling Your Hair More than Necessary

How often do you use hair styling tools? Do you use it thrice a week, twice a week or once a week? Well, if you have dry and damaged hair, then you must not be using hair styling tools at all. The heat that comes off these tools is what has caused your hair to look horrendous and feel even worse. They have ruined the texture of your hair and have caused the ends to split up hideously. In other words, you are carrying heat damaged hair. There are many ways that you can treat heat damaged hair, but the most important one involves reducing the use of hot styling tools to a minimum.

2) You Have Not Changed Your Dryer In Years

People do not mind changing their shampoos and conditioners from time to time (although you shouldn’t really go for a change if they are working well for you). When it comes to hair dryers, people seem to be ultra reluctant to look for a brand new product that has a lot more to offer. Using the same old dryer for years at a stretch can have serious implications for your hair. Over the years, hair builds up in the vents of the hair dryer, which forces you to apply excessive heat to make the appliance work. You don’t have to buy a new hair dryer every single year. Just make sure that you change it or at least clean it when its performance starts to deteriorate.

3) You Are Not Using Sun Protection

Protecting your hair from the sun is vital in keeping it free from damage. The sun and the heat outside can be very harmful for your hair. This is because your hair vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. Continued exposure to the UV rays of the sun leads to damage and drying of the hair. This is why you are strongly recommended to apply hair care products that come with UV protection. You can find some decent moisturizing conditioners in the market that provide impressive sun protection. Products with UV protection should be applied all throughout the year because the sun can be a threat even during the cold months of winter.

4) You Are Using Products with Sulfates

Sulfates in hair care products are not good for your hair to say the least. Sulfates are essentially detergents. They are added to shampoos and conditioners to produce a lathering effect, but have zero contribution in terms of reviving the health of your hair or even cleansing your hair. Hence, it makes sense to choose products that are labelled as “sulfate free”. These products will not dry out your hair and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your hair damaged every time you use these products. The best option is to stick to natural, organic hair care products that are enriched with essential oils.