4 Toxic Thoughts that Result from Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most difficult challenges in the life of any individual. Most people who do not experience hair loss can never quite understand the burden of having to survive with impending baldness. To know that someday you are going to walk around with big bald spots on your head or a clean shaved head is a thought that gives people nightmares. This is particularly true for people who are very conscious about their appearance.

The society that we live in has its own beauty standards. You may agree or disagree with these standards or notions of beauty, but you cannot deny the fact that a person who experiences hair loss at a premature age ends up being less appealing than someone with a head full of hair. That being said, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. You could strive to be one of those exceptions. However, if you are planning to overcome the challenges of hair loss and face your fears like a brave individual, you need to get rid of a few toxic thoughts from your head first.

These toxic thoughts stem from the insecurities and anxiety that are closely associated to the loss of hair. Unless you eliminate these thoughts from your mind, you will never be able to liberate yourself and normalize your life.

1) “I Was Born to Be Ugly”

Just because you are losing your hair, does not mean that you are the ugliest individual in the world. Hair loss can make you feel like that. It is quite understandable for you to go through all of these emotions. However, you need to keep your emotions in check and think logically. The loss of hair may make you less appealing to certain people, but it opens up a window of opportunity for you to become a stronger individual. At the end of the day, mental strength is the finest form of beauty. People will admire you for your strength to overcome major challenges in your life, including the challenge of dealing with hair loss. Do not think for once that you were destined to look unattractive or unpleasant.

2) “I Can’t Take Care of Myself”

Even though majority of the cases of hair loss can be attributed to male pattern baldness (well over 90% of the cases), it would be unfair to say that the lack of personal hygiene and poor maintenance of the body does not have a role to play in the loss of hair. If you do not take good care of your hair, cleanse it, shampoo it and condition it on a regular basis, then you are likely to develop scalp infections. Under such circumstances, people experiencing baldness end up blaming themselves for their hair loss. Are these people guilty? Perhaps they are to some extent. However, there is no point wallowing over your mistakes. What has happened cannot be changed. The only thing that you can do is stop blaming yourself and look forward to limiting the damage caused by hair loss. You need to have a progressive and proactive mentality. Filling your mind up with regrets and sorrows will only shatter your confidence.

3) “I Will Be Unsuccessful”

For some reason, premature hair loss is often interpreted as an ominous sign of failure. There is absolutely no correlation between failure and hair loss. If anything, hair loss suggests that you have been working really hard and have been very stressed out over the last few years. Most of the people who have attained a tremendous amount of success in their lives have gone through phases where they were literally drowning in an ocean of stress. Think of hair loss as just another side effect of being successful. That being said, you shouldn’t stop working on fixing your hair loss issues. After all, successful people never give up on their endeavours.

4) “People Will Think Less of Me”

There is no way that you can become less competent by losing your hair. Despite that, people continue to believe that losing their hair will somehow make them less significant or important among their co-workers, friends or loved ones. If your presence is actually valuable, then none of those people will let hair loss get in the way of your relationship with them. A person with hair loss problems is no different than a person with a seasonal flu. You have an issue that needs fixing. It will not have any considerable impact on your personality or social status.

Now that you are well aware of what these toxic thoughts are, start getting rid of these thoughts from your mind at this very instant. These thoughts are miserable enough to bring you down and turn your life into a living hell.