4 Types of Food that You Should Avoid to Prevent Hair Loss

4 Types of Food that You Should Avoid to Prevent Hair Loss

Preventing hair loss prevention is one of the biggest concerns in the minds of the modern day human race. Hair has had an important place in the lives of people throughout history, but as time progressed in the human civilization, people became more and more fearful of losing their beautiful locks of hair. If you take a trip back in time, you will realize that not too many men in the 20th century were worried about losing their hair and having their bald spots exposed. As a matter of fact, the loss of hair or the greying of hair was considered a sign of maturity in many cultures around the world back in the old days.

A lot has changed since then, and the thought of going bald is something that petrifies both younger and older male adults. The women too are more obsessed with their hair than they ever were. This is perhaps the reason why the U.S. market for anti-aging products (which includes anti-hair loss products) has exceeded $80 billion. Yes, you heard that right. There is an entire $80 billion industry out there that produces creams, rubs, ointments, oils and a host of other hair care products to alleviate the insecurities of people who are on the brink of baldness.

Are you among the millions of people in the world who are frightful of going bald? Then you do not have to worry about splashing cash every month on expensive commercial anti-hair loss products. Sometimes, all you have to do is be careful about what the kind of foods that you eat. There are specific types of food that you should avoid in order to stay as far away from hair loss as possible. The following is a list of four such foods:

1) Sugar

So much has been written against sugar in the last few years. People have built up such a negative perception towards sugar that it is now being deemed as harmful as intoxicants. We all know that sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and bacterial growth in the teeth. However, very few of us are aware of the fact that sugar can actually lead to hair loss.

When sugar is consumed, the amount of blood sugar automatically increases. To reduce the blood sugar level back to normal, insulin is pumped out into the blood. The release of insulin is accompanied by the rise of androgen in the body. Androgen is a male hormone which causes the hair follicles to shrink. The shrinking of the hair follicles can occur in both men and women.

Therefore, if you want to hold on to your beautiful hair and stay clear of diabetes, then cut down on your sugar intake.

2) Vitamin A

The fact that Vitamin A is in this list might be a big surprise for you. You will come across plenty of material online which clearly states that Vitamin A is needed for faster hair growth and prevention of hair loss. There are also numerous hair loss consultants who will advise you to increase your consumption of Vitamin A rich foods to boost your hair growth. So what exactly is Vitamin A doing in this list of unhealthy types of food?

Let us preface by saying that Vitamin A is not harmful for the health of your hair per se. But we all know that too much of anything is not good. Therefore, if you consume an excessive amount of Vitamin A, your hair loss situation might just aggravate instead of improving. If you are loading up on too much Vitamin A supplements, then you can expect to observe greater hair loss in your head.

Make sure that you manage your intake of this vitamin and adhere to the recommended dosage.

3) Milk

Once again the mention of milk might have made your eyes pop out. Just like Vitamin A, milk is not technically bad for your hair. Drinking milk like any other person will not cause you to go bald.

However, an excess amount of milk in the body is not a good thing to have. This is particularly true for those who carry the “balding” genes in their body. If you happen to consume a surplus amount of milk produced by a pregnant cow, then the hormones contained within the milk will be converted to DHT. If the DHT level in the body is raised beyond normal, then the loss of hair will speed up.

4) Alcohol

There are countless reasons to not drink alcohol. The fact that it makes your hair fall is another one that you can add to the list. When alcohol is consumed, the body is drained of its necessary fluids and nutrients. As a result, the hair does not receive the nourishment that it requires to grow at a healthy rate. When consumed for an extended period of time, alcohol leads to long term hair loss.