5 Amazing Secrets to Stop Hair Thinning Within a Matter of Days

Any knowledgeable expert on hair loss would be completely against the notion of an overnight cure to balding. There is no such miracle cure in existence. Researchers and manufacturers have been working hard for the better part of the last century to come up with the ultimate anti-hair loss product. Most of their efforts have resulted in failure. The reason for that is because it is very difficult to come up with a universal hair loss product that can cure all types of balding. Balding takes place for a number of reasons. You should be aware of the fact that there are numerous hair loss conditions that you can be affected.

In most cases, people lose their hair because they are genetically predisposed to do so. In other words, majority of the cases of hair loss can be attributed to male pattern baldness. Reversing hair loss that is caused by male pattern baldness is mission impossible. However, you can slow down the progression of hair loss and even stop it to a certain extent by making use of some killer hair loss prevention secrets.

1) Apply Lemon Juice After You Rinse Your Hair

Lemon juice can work wonders on your hair. It is the kind of fluid that is packed with all the essential nutrients that are required for the speedy growth of your hair. These nutrients basically keep the hair follicles nourished. Well nourished hair follicles are a prerequisite to having beautiful, healthy hair which is not vulnerable to falling off the scalp. You should apply lemon juice to your hair and scalp after every session of rinsing. You do not have to rinse your hair every single day. Rinse it about 4 or 5 times a week. The use of the lemon juice reduces excessive sebum production. It also adds to the lustre of your hair.

2) Give Your Scalp a Nice Massage

You do not have to head over to an extravagant spa for a good, old scalp massage. This is something that you can do on your own. If you are too tired to get the massage done, then ask a loved one at home to help you out. Tell them that the scalp massage is important because it will help you retain the hair on your head. The reason why you are recommended to massage your scalp is because it improves the blood circulation in that region. Improved blood circulation enhances the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. This eventually leads to improved growth of your hair.

3) Apply Homemade Hair Masks

Applying homemade hair masks is one of the most effective ways of curbing down the rate of hair loss. This technique is perfect for damage limitation. For example, if you are a man or a woman in the 30s and have lost a significant amount of hair already, then you should apply hair masks to drastically slow down the progression of hair loss. Essentially, you are preventing any further hair loss. Preparing a homemade hair mask can be fairly complicated and time consuming. However, the payoff is definitely worth it, considering the fact that there are very few artificial store bought products out there that can produce a similar result.

4) Take a Walk in the Park

The whole idea of protecting your hair from damage is to stay indoors, right? Well, that is not always the case. Sometimes, you need to give your hair a bit of fresh air. Staying indoors all day long can cause your hair to become damp and clumpy. Contaminants are known to easily accumulate in damp and clumpy hair. Once the contaminants settle in, you become vulnerable to scalp infections. Scalp infections can be severely detrimental for a person who is suffering from hair loss. It could be the death nail that causes you to lose all of your hair. This is why it makes sense to expose your hair to the fresh air outside. We aren’t asking you to stroll along a polluted pavement. Pick a nice spot and enjoy a fantastic morning or evening walk.

5) Eat an Apple Everyday

You should be well aware of the fact that diet and nutrition has a major role to play when it comes to reducing the ill effects of hair loss. Poor diet and nutrition could be the sole reason why you are losing your hair. On the other hand, improving your daily nutrition could help you along the path of recovery. When it comes to eating the right foods to prevent hair loss, there are countless choices on the table for you. It can be pretty difficult for someone to wrap their heads around all these choices, let alone keep up with them on a regular basis. Therefore, the simpler option is to have an apple every day. This may sound like pedestrian advice, but when you realize that the polyphenols in apple can increase your hair growth by 300%, you’ll know exactly why we are emphasizing on the need to eat apples daily.