5 Common Mistakes that Women Make When Washing Their Hair in the Shower

If someone were to tell you that cleaning your hair is an art, you would probably laugh at them. How can washing your hair be a complicated task? All you really have to do is stand under the shower and let the water do its work, right? Well, not really. There are a few things that you can do wrong when you are washing your hair. These little mistakes may seem like trivial errors that can be easily ignored. However, once they pile up, they can lead to some serious problems for your hair.

Washing your hair is something that requires your full attention, especially if you are the kind of person who has been experiencing hair loss problems as of late. You would be surprised to know the number of women who end up damaging their hair under the shower. If you are looking to avoid being one of those careless women, then you should never make any of the mistakes mentioned below:

1) Double Timing with Your Shampoo

Women love to experiment with hair care products. It is really difficult to make them resist the temptation of using a brand new product. That being said, a lot of women struggle to let go of their old hair care products, which creates an even bigger problem. First of all, you should remember that it is unwise to let go or replace any hair care product that has been producing positive results for you consistently. But most women fail to understand that. They jump at the sight of a new product, hoping that it would make their hair grow longer and thicker. The reality is that the new product in the shelf isn’t going to be any better than the product you are currently using. Hence, there is no need for you to use multiple products at the same time. Just find a shampoo that works best for you and stick to it for as long as you can.

2) Taking Hot Showers

Regardless of how low the outside temperature maybe, you should always try to avoid showering with hot water. The heat in the water speeds up the reaction between the chemicals contained in the water or in the shampoo and your hair. In other words, standing under the hot shower will cause your hair to become dry and brittle much sooner than you could ever anticipate. The better option is to bathe with water at normal temperature. Lukewarm water will do just fine as well. This is a simple, yet highly effective way of protecting your hair from severe damage.

3) Forgetting to Use a Hair Mask

The use of hair masks is a great option for women who are struggling with hair loss problems. They work wonders for your hair (provided that they are prepared in the right manner) and are a must have in any hair care routine. The least you can do is use one hair mask twice a week. This will protect your hair from damage and keep it gorgeous throughout the seven days of the week. You also need to make sure that you wash your hair really well when you are removing the mask. This is because having leftovers stuck to your hair isn’t really a good idea.

4) Avoiding the Use of the Conditioner

This is yet another common mistake that millions of women make in the United States of America. The conditioner was designed to be used and not missed out on. An organic, all-natural conditioner in particular can revitalize your hair and give it some much needed volume. If you want beautiful, thick hair, you must realize the importance of using a conditioner on a regular basis. It is also quite common for women to rinse off the conditioner way too early. Once you have applied the conditioner on your hair, you should let it rest for at least 5 minutes before washing it off.

5) Spending Too Much Time Inside the Shower

They say that shower trays and bath tubs are the places where the brightest of ideas blossom. We are sure that you can relate to that quite well. Everyone has had ingenious ideas and wild imaginations pop up in their mind when taking a shower. Science explains that it is easier for us to focus on creative and innovative thoughts when we are engaged in an activity that requires little to no metal concentration. As tempting as it may be, daydreaming under the shower for an abnormally long period of time is not a good idea for people with hair loss problems. Do not let your hair be in contact with water for more than 15 minutes. These 15 minutes should be enough to shampoo, condition, wash and rinse your hair.