5 Essential Guidelines for Having a Good Hair Transplant Experience

There are millions of people in America spending over a billion dollars in hair loss products and procedures every single year. Not all of these people have access to the best hair loss treatments made available by the recent developments in medical science. Most of the sufferers of hair loss have to remain content with the mediocre or substandard anti-hair loss creams, ointments, oils and pills that are sold in the market. Then again, there are those who are lucky enough to actually be able to afford an entire hair transplant procedure at the hands of an expert and skilled surgeon. If you happen to be among these lucky sufferers (excuse the oxymoron) of hair loss, then you should get up to speed with all the latest news in the world of hair transplantation.

It is very easy for someone to have a bitter hair transplant experience. In fact, the word bitter would be an understatement in this context. There are many people who have had nightmares inside the operating room when having strips of hair removed from their scalp to make way for grafts and micro grafts. If you want to avoid such a nightmare, you need to acquaint yourself with some basic guidelines of having a decent hair transplant experience that will genuinely change your life for the better:

1) Do Not Use Yellow Pages to Find a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Using Craig’s List or the Yellow Pages is literally the worst option that you can take when looking for a reliable hair transplant surgeon. The most incompetent surgeons and the ones who turn out to be scammers or fraudsters are the ones who put their names up in the yellow pages or in Craig’s List. If you want a reliable source to find the names and contacts of reputable hair transplant surgeons, then seek for help in various hair loss blogs and forums. The people over there will be sure to pass on references to you.

2) Avoid Large Chain Hair Transplant Clinics that Have Bought their Success

You would be surprised to know that there are many nationwide chain hair transplant clinics that have attained a household name status by simply pouring in loads of cash in advertising. If your advertising game is spot on, you will acquire a certain degree of popularity sooner or later. Remember, popularity does not equate to quality. As a victim of hair loss who is looking for state of the art hair loss treatment, you should not jump aboard the chain hair transplant clinic bandwagon. Do you own research on individual clinics and gather as much information as you can on every single institution. This is the best way of figuring out whether a particular clinic that you are interested in will fulfil your needs and requirements or not.

3) Do Not Be Influenced by Posters and Online Commercials

The internet is a fantastic resource for acquiring in depth information about a particular medical institution or a blue collar medical professional. That being said, there are numerous online posters and commercials that seem to appeal to vulnerable and naive sufferers of hair loss who have an urgent need for hair transplantation. Sure, there are some noteworthy and well respected commercials on the internet. However, majority of the surgeon posters and online commercials are generic advertisements generated by marketers who are trying to make a fast buck by exploiting the hapless hair loss victims.

4) Understand the Scope and the Pitfalls

It is the duty of your surgeon to inform you about all the possibilities of a hair transplant procedure. You should have complete knowledge of everything that could potentially go wrong during a surgery. As a patient, you should not be left in the dark about the proceedings. There are many surgical hair restoration guides that you can find on the internet. Take time off of your busy schedule to carefully read through these to obtain a better idea of what your surgeon is going to do with your hair inside the operating room.

5) Verify Your Surgeon’s Academic and Professional Background

Scheduling a consultation with your surgeon and talking in detail about the procedure is sometimes not enough to know everything there is to know about the medical professional who is in charge of making your hair beautiful again. You are strongly advised to check the professional and academic background of your surgeon. You are recommended to be under the care of a surgeon who is a respected member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. Not any surgeon can be a member of this organization. You need to abide by a stringent set of rules and maintain extremely high standards to retain your membership in the IAHRS.