5 Everyday Items that Will Improve Hair Health and Reduce Hair Loss

Recovering from hair loss is not a quick, overnight process. Instead, it can be better described as a long, arduous and painstaking journey which may end wonderfully for you as long as you keep hitting the nail on the head. A person who is suffering from hair loss should always be engrossed in thoughts about how they can come up with new solutions to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss. There is no one, undisputed proven formula to repair your hair from the damage caused by hair loss. There is also no fixed way to trigger the re-growth of hair. You need to try out a variety of techniques and tricks and hope dearly that your combination works at the end of the day.

Dealing with hair loss does not always require you to use the most expensive products on the market. Sometimes, it is about making use of the simple things in daily life. There are some simple everyday products that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your hair growth and impede your hair loss to a certain extent. A list of five such items is given below for your convenience:

1) Mild Hair Colour

When you colour your hair, you inflict damage on the hair strands. Hair colour can make your hair weaker and far more brittle than before. We are all aware of the fact that weak hair does not really stand a chance of survival when a person is experiencing a severe hair loss condition. Does this mean that you should avoid using hair colour completely? Well, there is a better solution than that. Instead of using regular dyes, buy milder hair colour which is perfectly suited for those who have thinning locks. The milder hair colours are different from the regular ones as they do not contain peroxide or ammonia (known for snatching the moisture out of hair).

2) Superabsorbent Towel

People often develop the habit of rubbing their hair vigorously with the towel after stepping out of the shower. They do this in an effort to get their hair dry as quickly as possible. What people do not realize is that this habit can cause some real damage to your hair. Vigorous rubbing encourages hair breakage and hair fall. It puts extra pressure on your hair strands, which eventually causes it to fall off the scalp. The use of ordinary towels can also make your hair look dry and frizzy all the time. To avoid these problems, use a superabsorbent towel or a microfiber hair towel that is specifically designed to absorb as much water as it possibly can without damaging your hair.

3) Deep Conditioners

Having a great shampoo in your washroom is not enough to take care of your hair and your scalp. The scalp and the hair deserve something more. They deserve something that is more specifically designed to address the needs of those who have thinning hair and bald patches. This is where the deep conditioner comes into play. There are quite a few good deep conditioners out there in the market. These products will bring back the softness in your hair and improve the lustre on your locks. It only takes about a few seconds to use a deep conditioner. That being said, you should not apply the conditioner too frequently. Using it once a week should suffice.

4) Restorative Shampoos

Traditional shampoos will not be of much help to your hair, especially when you are going through hair loss. In fact, ordinary shampoos are known to strip essentials oils from the scalp which leaves your hair dry and brittle. Under the circumstances, a good option is to stop using shampoos altogether. But if that’s too difficult for you or if you think that going shampoo free will hamper your scalp and hair hygiene, then look for shampoo products that have the “strengthening”, “restorative” or “renewal” labels attached on the packaging. These labels indicate that the shampoo’s ingredients are helpful for sealing up split ends and improving the thickness of your hair. If your hair isn’t thick, your bald patches will remain visible all the time. It goes without saying that you should always buy shampoos from reputable vendors who have enjoyed tremendous success over the years.

5) Ionic Hair Dryer

You have probably never heard of an ionic hair dryer before. That’s okay. Everyone has grown accustomed to using the conventional hair dryer. The reason why hair loss consultants advise against the use of conventional hair dryers is because exposure to external heat produced by this electronic appliance can damage your hair beyond repair. Hence, it is better to bring home an ionic dryer that makes use of charged particles to dry up your hair instead of applying heat.