5 Incredible Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair

If you are familiar with various hair growth treatments, then you should be aware of the fact that sesame oil plays a major role in the enhancement of hair growth and in the overall nourishment of hair follicles. It is one of the most useful natural ingredients that you can get your hands on when taking a holistic approach to hair care. According to experts, there are very few natural ingredients out there that can perform better than sesame seeds when it comes to hair loss recovery and hair damage repair. The sesame oil is basically extracted from the well protected sesame seeds that are contained within the pod of the plant.

Generally speaking, sesame oil serves as a hair care agent that is highly nourishing, incredibly healing and wonderfully lubricating. These three attributes are the reason why so many people are eager to purchase sesame oil and use it as a remedy for hair loss or hair damage. You may have used sesame oil for cooking before. It is a flavoursome natural ingredient that can work wonders in the dining table as well as in your scalp. The reason why sesame oil is so good for your hair is because it is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and a host of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous. In short, sesame oil has the incredible ability to boost the strength of the hair strands and give them some much needed nourishment.

The following are some of the benefits of sesame oil for hair. Learning about these benefits will help you appreciate the value of sesame oil and understand its significance in your fight against hair loss:

1) Takes Care of Premature Greying

There is no problem quite as annoying as going grey in your 20s. Having grey hair as a 25 year old man or woman puts you in a very precarious position in the eyes of the outside world. You keep wondering what people are going to think about your hair and your overall appearance. Well, instead of bothering about the perceptions of other people, you should start applying some sesame oil. This oil has darkening qualities that can help you retrieve the natural colour of your hair.

2) Enhances the Growth Rate of Hair

You must have assumed by now that applying sesame oil on a regular basis will help your hair to grow at a much faster rate. But why is that you may ask. Sesame oil’s ability to improve the growth rate of hair stems from its high penetrating power. Even if your hair has been damaged badly with chemicals, sesame oil can seep through the pores in your hair and reach the cortex. You could say that the oil improves the growth of your hair from the inside. The penetrating power of the sesame oil has turned it into a globally popular remedy for hair loss.

3) Shields Hair from the Sun’s UV Rays

Protecting your hair from the sun is one of the fundamental principles of hair loss prevention and holistic hair care. The UV rays of the sun combined with the heat that is emitted from the light can be highly detrimental for your hair. As a protective measure, you are strongly recommended to apply sesame oil to your hair. It acts as a natural sunscreen and protects the individual hair strands from damage. Once you smear the sesame oil over your hair, it forms a protective coat or layering around the hair. This protective coat also shields your hair from harmful pollutants and contaminants.

4) Soothes the Hair

We don’t realize this, but our hair experiences just as much as stress as our bodies and minds do. The constant washing, use of styling tools, application of hair care products and exposure to contaminants puts the scalp and hair under a lot of pressure. You can release some of this pressure by massaging your hair with pure sesame oil. Research shows that sesame oil has the ability to act as a coolant. It works from within and nourishes the scalp in and out. As a result, the moisture is locked inside the hair and the scalp does not dry out.

5) Takes Care of Lice

Having lice on your hair is a nasty problem. If you think that those itches on your scalp are being caused by lice, then you should immediately fix an appointment with a dermatologist. In the meantime, you can control the spread of lice in your scalp by applying a bit of sesame oil. When combined with other essential oils, sesame oil acts as a remedy for lice infested hair. The reason for that is because sesame oil is antibacterial. This prevents the onset of bacterial or fungal infections on the scalp.