5 Issues Teenage Boys with Hair Loss Face at School

Teenage or the years of adolescence can be an extremely challenging period in the life of any human being. It is more so for young boys who are experiencing hair loss. It is commonly believed that only middle aged men suffer from hair loss due to male pattern baldness. This is not true at all. The effects of male pattern baldness can be seen in a boy right after he hits the age of puberty. It goes without saying that dealing with male pattern baldness at such a young age can make life incredibly difficult for a boy. In fact, many of them face a lot of problems at school. A school is not just meant to be an educational institution for minor. It is also the centre of mental and physical development. A lot of young boys suffering from male pattern baldness hate going to school because of the kind of treatment that they receive from their peers and others. Here are five highly problematic issues that may slow down their mental and physical development:

1) Being Called Names

A lot of people will say that it is the nature of children to mock each other by calling names. In their opinion, this is nothing more than harmless fun. There is no denying the fact that it is harmless to a certain extent. However, when a young boy is repeatedly labelled with humiliating names such as baldy or Dr Evil, things can take a turn for the worse. It is one thing to be given a fun nickname by one of your friends and it is an entirely different thing to have your baldness pointed out in an embarrassing manner by those who are not exactly very close to you. Being called names multiple times a day can get on their nerves and compel them to have a mental breakdown.

2) Being Regarded as Someone Older

This problem is commonly faced by the older teenage boys, such as the ones who are 16 or 17 years of age. It is not unusual for boys who are balding to be regarded as the oldest member of a friend circle, even if they are younger than some of their peers. Once again, many will deem this as harmless fun, but it can upset a boy after a certain period of time. He is forced to play the “older guy in the group” gimmick, which he may not particularly enjoy. The other members in the group start taking this gimmick very seriously without realizing that their words could have a negative impact on the psyche of their friend.

3) Losing Self Confidence

Not everyone who points out the fact that you are losing your hair does so with hostile intentions. However, their words still have a negative effect on you perceive yourself and your hair loss condition. Being constantly reminded about their baldness can force young teenage boys to lose their confidence and have their self esteem crushed on a daily basis. This puts them in a very unhealthy mental zone from where they can find no escape. Every remark about hair loss or baldness makes them feel that they are losing out on life. It makes them believe that they are less than others because they have a problem that limits them on a number of levels.

4) Feeling Less Attractive

It is no secret that love blossoms in teenage. It is natural for young boys to develop strong feelings of attraction towards females right after they hit the age of the puberty. Most of them expect these feelings to be reciprocated on a certain level. In other words, they want to believe that they are attractive to the females as well. A boy who is suffering from hair loss is going to have a very difficult time accepting the fact that he too could be just as attractive to the girl of his dreams as the other boys in class. The persistent loss of hair and the development of bald patches all over the scalp ruins the boy’s self image and compels him to feel unattractive.

5) Stress

Dealing with hair loss can involve a lot of stress, especially if you are desperately looking for a solution to your impending baldness. It is common for young boys to try on a variety of hair loss products in an attempt to slow down the progression of their hair loss. When these hair loss products turn out to be futile, the boys become panic stricken. The panic eventually leads to the build up of stress. There is already a lot of stress that students are expected to handle at school. The additional stress of coping with hair loss and finding the right treatment for it can overwhelm young boys with male pattern baldness and cause them to register poor academic performances.