5 Key Factors that Influence the Purchase of a Hair Loss Product

When you are shopping for a hair loss product in the market, what is the first thing that you are looking for? Your answer is probably effectiveness. This is something that we desire in every product that we purchase, let alone one that promises to repair hair damage and prevent hair loss. The effectiveness or the utility of a certain product is what makes it worth the price at which it is sold. If a product has no utility to offer or if it turns out to be a poor performer then it will never be purchased again by the same consumer as long as there are better alternatives out there in the market.

The term effectiveness or utility is actually frustratingly vague. How do you define effectiveness when it comes to hair loss products? Where do you set the bar? What are your specific expectations from the product? These are questions that most consumers do not have answers to. Yet we go on picking and purchasing hair loss products as though we are experts who are well aware of what they are doing and are in complete control of their selection.

We often forget that there are numerous factors which influence (or should influence) our selection of a hair loss product. These five key factors are:

1) The Purpose of the Purchase

This is by far the most evident factor that influences the purchase of any good, including that of a hair loss or hair care product. What is your reason for buying the product? Are you looking to buy a product that will cure your hair loss and for all? Are you looking to buy a product that will slowly take effect over the next few months and disrupt the progression of your hair loss till it comes to a standstill? Or are you simply looking for a product that will help you hide your hair loss and give you the ability to “temporarily cure” your hair loss so that you do not have to experience the embarrassment or humiliation of having bald spots. Never head out to buy a hair loss product unless you have a specific purpose for spending your money on the product.

2) Hair and Scalp Type

In terms of the power of influence, this factor is ranked second. It is not advisable for you to purchase a hair loss product or a hair care goodie unless you have enough knowledge about your hair and scalp type. The kind of hair and scalp that you have may not necessarily be the same as the kind of hair or scalp the person sitting next to you has. Some people have coarse hair, while others have oily hair. Some people have thick, dense hair, while others complain about their thin, fine hair. Depending on the type of hair that you have and the nature of the skin on your scalp, you should buy a hair loss product that fulfils most of your hair care requirements.

3) Ingredients of the Product

Now you are really trying to filter out the ideal product. Hair loss products can be manufactured with a plethora of different ingredients. Some are great for your hair, especially those that can be labelled as the natural remedies for hair loss. Others are quite detrimental for your hair and can potentially deteriorate your hair loss situation. If you are a thinking consumer who is meticulous about picking high quality products, then you should never fail to take a look at the product’s list of ingredients. Often times, this list will tell you everything that you need to know about the product (as long as you understand the potential effects of each ingredient on your hair). Therefore, it is imperative for you to carefully read through this list.

4) Brand Name

Does brand name make a difference? Yes it does. In an industry where you have hundreds of brands and manufacturers, it is very important to know the names of the brands that are doing well and have been doing well for quite some time now. Brands that have attained mass popularity and have become household names are trusted by consumers because they are known to consistently produce great quality hair loss products. That being said, there are some renowned hair care brands in the market which are not nearly as good as they are hyped up to be.

5) The Price of the Product

Unless you are opting for a surgical hair restoration procedure, your hair loss treatment should not cost you a fortune. It is very easy for consumers to get deceived by scammers and fraudsters who lieu them in by advertising “premium hair loss products”. In reality, these products are nothing more than overpriced snake oil. On the flip side of the coin, do not always look for a bargain. Cheap products are not known to deliver positive results. The best products are the ones that are reasonably priced.