5 Natural Ways of Managing Your Dry Hair and Preventing Hair Loss

5 Natural Ways of Managing Your Dry Hair and Preventing Hair Loss

Maintaining the health of your hair is imperative to preventing hair loss and balding. Dry and damaged hair makes you more vulnerable to experiencing hair loss. This is a problem which affects women in particular, since the primary cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness.

A lot of women are unable to pinpoint the causes of dry hair. This makes it extremely difficult for them to negotiate the curveballs that dry hair throws at them. In other words, a lot of women are not well informed about the ways in which they can retain the moisture in their hair to promote hair growth and alleviate hair loss. If you have dry hair, it is important for you to understand that this dryness can be triggered by both internal and external factors.

An example of an external factor would be exposing your hair to water and cleaning agents every single day. Frequent wetting of the hair removes the natural oils from your scalp. This takes away the moisture from your hair and turns it very dry. As far as internal factors are concerned, nutritional deficiency and poor blood circulation near the scalp region can be cited as two common examples of how the hair loses moisture from within. Hair that is not well moisturised becomes brittle and weak. The weaker the hair strands are, the more vulnerable they are to falling off the scalp.

For your convenience, the following is a list of five helpful tips that will allow you to take care of your dry hair naturally and avoid hair loss:

1) Trim Split Ends Regularly

People with dry hair are very likely to have split ends. If the hair strand splits at the tip, then there are high chances that it will split all the way up to the root. This leads to weak spots all over the hair strand. Split ends make it very easy for your dry and brittle hair to break off or fall off the scalp. Thus, you are strongly advised to trim your hair on a regular basis to limit the damage caused by split ends. This will also allow you to bring about a drastic improvement in the texture of your hair.

2) Thoroughly Comb Your Hair from Root to Tip

As mentioned before, the scalp contains natural oils that are produced to keep your hair well moisturized. If the natural oils remain stuck to the scalp, they will not be of much help. Therefore, you need to comb your hair thoroughly from the root all the way down to the tip. This allows the natural oils to spread out and get smeared all across the length of the hair strands. There are a lot of women who have hair strands that are moisturised at the root but very dry near the tip. The unevenness in the moisture level along the length of the hair can significantly contribute to hair loss.

3) Use Olive Oil

To maintain the health of your hair and retain its moisture, you need to treat it regularly with essential oils. One of the best essential oils that you can choose is olive oil. This natural ingredient works wonders for your hair. There are several benefits of applying olive oil on your scalp. However, none of them are as important as keeping your hair moisturised and rejuvenated. To accentuate the effects of olive oil, you can combine it with honey before applying it on to your scalp. Massage the olive oil and honey concoction on your scalp for the better part of half an hour before rinsing your hair and washing off the mixture with warm water.

4) Use Coconut Oil

A lot of women are reluctant to put olive oil on their hair because of the pungent smell it exudes. If you are in the same boat as those women, then you might want to give coconut oil a try which serves as a more aromatic alternative to the olive oil. Much like olive oil, coconut oil is classified as one of the essential natural ingredients required to keep your hair healthy, strong and dense. There are plenty of coconut oil products available in the market. However, you are advised to make use of uncontaminated, unadulterated and pure coconut oil for your hair.

Coconut oil will keep your hair moisturised and significantly reduce the risks of hair loss.

5) Use Apple Vinegar Cider Rinse

If you live in a location where you are exposed to hard water, then apple vinegar cider rinse is just the thing you need. When your hair comes into contact with hard water, calcium carbonate builds up in the hair strands. This compound is harmful for hair and causes it to become dry and damaged. In fact, it gives your hair an unpleasant crusty texture. This problem can be easily solved by using a rinse of apple vinegar cider. The apple vinegar cider rinse will also help to revitalize your hair and restore its lost glossy texture.