5 Random Things You Should Do To Reduce Hair Loss

Hair fall is one of those problems that seem to bother almost everyone in the world. For some, it starts early. For others, hair loss appears much later on in their lives. One thing is for certain, it is that as you grow older, this particular problem becomes more prominent. In fact, you may have come across plenty of people who have had troubles sleeping because they are worried about their receding hairline. They live in the constant fear of their mane thinning out. And to be honest, it is a legitimate fear.

Based on statistics, by the age of 35, most men will start to experience some degree of extreme hair loss. By the time you reach the age of 50, there is about an 80% chance of you having thinned out hair. This may tempt you to think that everyone in the world is going to end up with hair loss problems. That may not necessarily be the case because there are plenty of hair loss factors at play such as genetics and the way in which you take care of your hair.

If you are faced with the constant fear of losing your hair and going bald, then here are five simple things that you can do to lower your chances of becoming the next Dr. Evil.

1) Avoid the Sun and Cigarettes

What does the sun have to do with smoking? The answer is nothing. But both of them can be equally destructive for your hair. We all know about the damaging effects of cigarettes. We are also aware of the harmful impact of the sun. As recently as 2011, a study on hair loss was presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. The study took a look at 66 male identical twins. Based on that study, researchers found that genetics was the key reason in determining hair loss. However, along with that, intense exposure to the sun and smoking were also big contributors to males losing their hair.

2) Watch Out for Dandruff

If you are the kind of person who experiences heavy dandruff then you are likely to have increased hair loss over the years. Based on the same study that was presented at the ASPS, it was revealed that dandruff is also a key factor when it comes to hair loss. As it stands, there is no permanent solution to stop dandruff from cascading all over the head but you can use different kinds of shampoo or conditioner to control it. An expert’s advice would be to use some a medicated shampoo like Nizoral 1% which is effective in killing off yeast.

3) Eat Right

Hair, like any other part of our body, needs nutrients to grow properly. You need to feed yourself right so that scalp of yours become healthier and thus is able to hold on to your hair properly. If you are the kind of person who goes on to stuff their mouth with junk food, carbonated drinks, sugary substances and carbs, then chances are your hair won’t be getting the proper nutrients. In fact, your entire body won’t be getting the required nutrients. It has been found that men with high blood pressure and high insulin levels tend to go bald faster than men who have stable conditions. How can this issue be resolved? Eat right and make sure you get the proper nutrients inside your body. You can also try to consume some anti-hair loss vitamins and nutrient supplements.

4) Get Some Caffeine

We all love coffee. It is the perfect stimulant. You wake up early morning and the first thing you do is drink a cup of coffee to get your body started. You drink a cup of coffee at work to get you through all the workload. Some men even drink coffee before hitting the gym as a source of pre-workout supplement. Now as it turns out, caffeine stimulates the hair shaft and helps it to grow properly. This is done by blocking out the effects of DHT which is chemical known to damage the follicles. However, the downside to this is that your average 3 cups of coffee a day won’t help you get this result. In fact, drinking 20 cups a day won’t come near it. You need to consume at least 60 cups of coffee to make sure your hair stays healthy. Now 60 cups a day is way too much but you could try out the new shampoos which are enriched with caffeine.

5) Stress Less, Relax More

Stress is one of the leading causes of a lot of physical and psychological problems. Stressing too much can lead to short-term hair loss. It can cause alopecia areata which is known for causing spots of hair loss. So the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to calm yourself down whenever you feel stressed out. Take a deep breath and stop yourself from entering panic mode.