5 Reasons for Premature Greying Of the Hair

They say that having grey hair can make you look quite dapper and elegant. Well, this may be true for people who have crossed the age of 40, but it certainly does not apply to those who are 25. A lot of young adults in America are developing premature grey hairs. You may think that this is not a major problem, but it can put a real dent in the image of the person who has gone grey at an early age. If your grey hairs have developed prematurely, then it will make a lot of people assume that you are a lot older than what you claim to be. It can affect your dating game and even create problems in your professional life. For example, someone who looks younger than you but is of the same age as you maybe receive preferential treatment in the office just because he or she “holds more promise”.

These can turn out to be terribly disheartening experiences that could potentially crush your self esteem and make you feel like a complete loser. If you want to get to the bottom of this problem, then you need to first discover the root causes of premature greying. Once you have learned about the causes, you will be in a much better position to figure out effective solutions.

1) The Genes

Most of the physical features that we have are inherited from our parents and ancestors. The rest depends on the environment you grow up in and the kind of lifestyle that you have. The characteristics that are inherited from the ancestors cannot usually be changed. For example, if you have a genetic disposition for hair loss, you will have no choice but to slowly succumb to the effects of male pattern baldness. Similarly, a lot of people are genetically predisposed to have premature grey hairs. If your parents or grandparents had experience premature greying, then you have a very high chance of going grey by the time you turn 25 years old. This is not to say that every hair strand on your scalp is going to turn white, but there will surely be enough to lose count. There is enough evidence to suggest that genes have a major role to play in premature greying, but research in this field has not progressed to the extent where we can conclude that genetics is the only big factor that determines whether a person will experience premature greying or not.

2) Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency can turn out to be a nightmare for your hair. Your hair needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to grow and function properly. When it is deprived of its regular supply of nutrients, it becomes nearly impossible for it to grow at a normal rate. Hair growth is stunted and the probability of hair loss is drastically increased. Modern research proves that nutritional deficiency can also have an impact on the greying of your hair. Deficiencies in Vitamin B12, proteins, amino acids, folic acids, iodine, copper and iron can all contribute to the appearance of premature grey hairs. It is also worth noting that malnutrition or nutritional imbalance (which is a result of a faulty or unhealthy diet) is one of the main reasons why people go grey early on in their lives.

3) Overdependence on Chemical Treatments and Hair Styling Tools

How many times a week do you use the hair straightener, the curler or the hair iron? How many times a day do you have to apply hair gels and mousses to your hair? If your answer is something that you are not very proud of, then we are sad to let you know that you have a very high chance of developing grey hairs way before you reach the age of 40. It is also worth the mention that poor scalp conditioning could cause you to end up with grey hairs at an early age.

4) Addiction to Smoking

Cigarette addicts have a very difficult life without realizing it. Every time they take a puff, they put their bodies in more danger. Not only does smoking mess up your lungs, it also creates havoc in your precious hair locks. According to several studies, smokers tend to have grey hair in their 20s. If you have been smoking since your teenage days, then it is high time for you to let go of this toxic habit.

5) Mental Stress

Stress and anxiety can take a serious toll on your mind and body. Studies show that heightened levels of daily stress can cause people to lose their hair at an early age. For the same reasons, people who deal with abnormally high levels of stress on a regular basis are likely to develop grey hairs before the age of 30.