5 Signs of Hair Loss that You Should Take Note of

5 Signs of Hair Loss that You Should Take Note of

There are very few things in the world that are as frightening as seeing your hair strands clumped together on your comb or your fingers. The moment you realize that you are experiencing excessive hair fall is the moment you enter a state of panic. When people face hair loss initially, they usually are clueless about the steps that need to be taken in order to deal with the challenges of hair loss. Then again, there are those people who are completely unaware of the fact that they are losing hair more frequently than the average person. In fact, when it comes to male pattern baldness, most men do not even realize that they are suffering from a hair loss condition until they lose about 50% of all of their hair. That statistic alone should give you a clear picture of how ignorant people are towards hair fall.

Unlike a lot of other medical conditions, hair loss does not usually strike you out of the blue. It makes its arrival and presence known to you from beforehand. The onus is on you, as the person who is about to suffer from hair loss, to detect the telltale signs of hair loss and kick start your hair loss prevention endeavours. Any head start you get when it comes to treating your hair loss quandary is a big advantage that you must latch on to under all circumstances. That being said, identifying the signs of hair loss is not particularly an easy thing to do. How can you differentiate between normal hair fall and excessive hair loss? Here is a list of five warning signs to help you out

1) Thinning of Hair

This is by far the most common sign of hair loss. If the volume of your hair is not what it used to be before or if you can begin to see through your hair, you can be well assured that you are undergoing one form of hair loss or the other. As common as thinning is, it is not exactly a very obvious or noticeable sign of hair loss. As mentioned before, most people do not even notice their hair loss until they lose most of their hair. An easy way of knowing whether you are thinning on top or not is by touching your hair and trying to feel the scalp. If you do not feel much resistance while trying to come into contact with the scalp, then it is a clear sign that you hair is thinning out.

2) Circular Patches or Bald Spots

This is a much more obvious sign of hair loss. If you can see circular patches on your head that reveal the scalp, then it means that a certain region of your scalp is undergoing excessive hair fall. These patches usually appear at the back of the head. It is common for the scalp to become itchy and painful when hair strands are falling out of it. This is a serious warning sign of hair loss that should not be taken lightly under any circumstances.

3) Receding Hairline

This is something that men in particular are familiar with. The receding hairline is hard to notice at first, but becomes quite evident once it crosses the forehead. Having a receding hairline means that your hair is working its way back to the scalp, or the hair in the frontal region of your scalp is falling off more quickly than hair in other areas of the scalp. Receding hairlines are quite a painful sight for the balding individual. As the hair runs away from the eyes, your mind runs away from solace. Start your hair loss prevention attempts as soon as you notice this. If the hair recedes too far back, then your attempts might prove to be too little and too late.

4) Hair Loss after Illness

Hair fall during periods of illness is very common. Illness settles in due to weak resistance in the body. For that exact same reason, hair falls out of the scalp. Once you recover from illness, you hair growth should return to its original state. However, if the hair fall persists long after your recover, then you have a problematic case of hair loss in your hands. The same

5) Hair Strands on the Towel

Hair strands on the towel is a common sight that does not necessarily indicate a hair loss condition in the person. However, painful amounts of hair strands stuck on the towel is a sight that should that should not elude your attention. If rubbing and drying your hair with a towel is causing excessive hair fall, then it is time for you to get concerned. Visit a hair loss consultant as soon as you notice this problem. The sooner you get help, the faster you can recover from your hair loss predicament.