5 Simple Things You Should Do to Control Your Hair Loss

Whenever you are dealing with any ailment or undesirable physical condition, you should focus on keeping things as simple as you possibly can. This does not mean that you should only apply regularly advertised hair loss products when trying to control your hair fall. Keeping things simple and trying out various remedies are not contradictory. The basic of idea of simplifying the solution is based on staying away from complicated steps and procedures.

A lot of people who suffer from hair loss have developed the habit of trying on too many remedies at once. This over complicates the hair loss treatment and puts you under a lot of stress. Instead of thinking of a singular solution with a relaxed mind, you end up having your mind clogged with ideas and plans that you are never going to execute. It is one thing to put your eggs in different baskets and it is an entirely different thing to juggle multiple eggs with your hands. You have to remember that no hair loss remedy is going to cure your hair fall overnight. You need to give it an ample amount of time to take effect. Hence, you need to practise patience and remain perseverant throughout your endeavour of getting rid of your hair fall.

In an attempt to try out complex remedies and hair loss products, people often lose sight of things that are most important. They forget to get some simple things done which can prove to be instrumental in their effort to curb down hair loss. Do not focus all of your energy on buying expensive shampoos or preparing complex home remedies. The remedies, the shampoos and the pills will only work if you take care of your hair throughout the day. Here are five simple things that you need to do in order to ensure that your hair does not becomes susceptible to damage:

1) Give Your Hair Some Air

Shampooing your hair 3 times a day and keeping it covered up in an egg mask is not going to get rid of your hair loss in the blink of an eye. You need to give your hair a break. Freshly washed hair should be air dried. By blow drying your hair, you are exposing it to heat that can cause significant damage to it. Keeping your hair wrapped up in a towel, a bandana or covered in a hat just because you are bothered by the sight of falling hair strands is also not a healthy option. Regardless of how much your hair has thinned out, you should not be afraid or ashamed to expose your hair and give it some much needed air. Damp hair that remains covered all the time will become weaker. Such conditions can also make it conducive for scalp infections to affect your hair.

2) Stay Hydrated

Lack of moisture can make your hair dry and brittle. This is the part that most people have no problem understanding. What people struggle to understand is that soaking your hair under the shower is not the only way of keeping the hair follicles moist and nourished. Your entire body needs to stay hydrated if you want to prevent your hair from drying out. If you are the kind of person who does not drink enough water, then you should immediately increase your intake by at least another full glass. Hydrating your body from the inside out will go a long way in improving the health and growth of your precious hair.

3) Do Not Over Wash the Hair

Over washing the hair can be just as bad as not washing it at all. If you spend an hour under the shower every single day, you are allowing the running water to wash off the natural oils of your hair. When these oils are lost, your hair becomes dry once the water in the scalp evaporates. This causes you to end up with dry hair despite the fact that you have exposed it to more water. How ironic is that?

4) Coat Your Hair With Conditioner When Detangling

This is a pretty self explanatory piece of advice right here. If you try to detangle the knots and curls in your hair when it is dry, you are going to make it easier for the hair to split and break. Hence, it makes more sense to use a conditioner to soften up the hair before you attempt to detangle it.

5) Sleep on Silk Pillow Covers

Your pillow cover can actually have an impact on the amount of hair that you lose when you are sleeping at night. This is because cotton pillow covers are known to extract moisture from the hair, which makes them dry and brittle. If you use a satin or silk pillow cover, the moisture in your hair will remain intact.