5 Simple Ways to Deal with Thyroid Induced Hair Loss

5 Simple Ways to Deal with Thyroid Induced Hair Loss

Hair loss is not a male exclusive problem. In fact, it is very common in the female gender and can affect women of all types and ages. The physical effect of hair loss in men and women are pretty much the same. However, the emotional trauma that it leaves on women is much more severe as compared to how it affects men. A man would not necessarily mind losing all of his hair before reaching middle age. In fact, balding is something that a lot of men have come to embrace. A woman on the other hand can lose her identity and her femininity with the loss of her hair. This is because hair has always been used as the yardstick to judge the overall beauty of a woman.

Relationship Between Thyroid Imbalance and Hair Loss

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are two adverse medical conditions that are known to trigger hair loss in women. The hair loss takes place all over the scalp and is not confined to one single region on top of the head. It can be described as a form of hair thinning. This problem can be fixed if a corrective therapy for thyroid is undergone by the patient. If the therapy proves to be successful, then the person begins to slowly grow back the lost hair. That being said, most people cannot expect to have the original quality or quantity of hair restored. Once the damage has been sustained, its effects stay on for nearly forever. The complete recovery from a defective thyroid is very rare.

How to Tackle Thyroid Triggered Hair Loss?

As is the case with most forms of hair loss, dealing with thyroid triggered hair loss is not an easy thing to do. The person who suffers from this condition needs to have enough patience, determination and courage to overcome the many hurdles of this predicament. Once a person is able to conquer the challenge of gaining emotional stability, the task of combating thyroid triggered hair loss becomes much easier.

If you believe that you are suffering from thyroid induced hair loss, then the first thing that you need to do is identify the root cause of the hair loss. Many a times you would have to resort to steroids to correct hormonal conditions. The use of steroids is not highly recommended at all. It is best to avoid medications such as these.

As an alternative, you can try out several natural treatments to thyroid induced hair loss. Making use of herbs and nutritional supplements alongside bringing about a change in your diet and engaging in regular exercise can actually improve your hair loss condition. The following is a list of five natural remedies that you ought to try out in order to curb down the effects of thyroid triggered hair loss.

1) Vitamin C

Regular consumption of Vitamin C aids in enhancing the immunity power of the body. Vitamin C is a very well known antioxidant that has the ability to “fight against” the free radicals that lead to hair loss in your scalp. There are various sources from where you can derive your daily dose of Vitamin C. Among them, a glass of pure lemon juice is one of the more ideal options. The lemon juice must be consumed on an empty stomach every single day. The lemon juice could be the first thing that you drink early in the morning. If the taste of lemon juice fails to attract your taste buds, then you might want to switch over to guava. This fruit is packed with Vitamin C.

2) Vitamin E

Vitamin E posses abundant benefits for the hair. It is known to fight against hair loss and contribute to the augmentation of hair growth. Vitamin E supplements can be availed from the drug stores with the use of a prescription. Once you have purchased a pack, start having a pill a day to alleviate your thyroid induced hair loss syndrome.

3) Protein

The hair is made up of keratin, which is basically a protein. Therefore, in order to sustain the healthy growth of your hair, you need to increase your intake of protein especially when your hair loss situation has taken a turn for the worse. Increasing the consumption of protein can also help you manage the thyroid malfunctioning more effectively.

4) Primrose Oil

Essential oils should be an integral part of your fight against thyroid induced hair loss. There are several essential oils to choose from, but the one that will work best under this specific condition is the evening primrose oil. Apply this oil onto your scalp twice or thrice a week for best results.

5) Oats

There are plenty of nutrients that you can derive from oats such as soluble fiber, Vitamin B and assorted amino acids. All of these are beneficial for treating the defects in your thyroid gland. In addition to that, increasing the level of vitamins and amino acids in your body will help facilitate hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss.