5 Struggles at Work that Only Men with Hair Loss Will Understand

5 Struggles at Work that Only Men with Hair Loss Will Understand

Every year, the people of America spend billions of dollars in hair care and hair loss products. Do you know what that tells you about people? It tells you that everyone is desperately trying to not go bald. The reason why people want to avert baldness or thinning of hair for as long as they possibly can is because balding makes their life so much more difficult than it already is. If you have a head full of hair, then you are probably taking it for granted. You can never imagine the struggles of being bald unless you have lost your precious locks. It is only then that you will understand how important your hair was to you. Hair is not just necessary for looking beautiful. It is needed to establish a self identity.

Hair loss is a medical disorder. It could also be the symptom of a more serious medical condition. However, unlike other medical conditions, the loss of hair will not compromise your health. It will certainly not restrict your physical abilities. That being said, there is no denying the fact that baldness can shatter your self confidence, crush your morale and tear apart your self esteem. If that was not bad enough, you have to deal with an endless number of people reminding you that you are bald and have no hair.

There are some bitter experiences that only bald people can relate to. Here are five ways in which men with hair loss struggle at work:

1) Co-workers Assume that you’re Much Older than You Really Are

This is one of the guaranteed side effects of going bald or thinning on top. You will come across a myriad of people who will walk up to you and ask you if you are a middle aged man. Being called a middle aged man when you are in your 20s and early 30s can be incredibly agitating and annoying. Sometimes, it can be a harsh insult that you might take days to digest. When someone calls you old because of your hair loss, you automatically interpret that message as someone calling your ugly or unattractive. Remarks like this can stick to your head and might be very hard to get rid of. Worst still, your colleague might assume that your girlfriend is actually your daughter or your younger sister.

2) Your Friends at Work Call You Names

Chrome dome, slap head, cue ball and Mr. Evil are just some of the nicknames that people assign to their co-workers who are bald or are thinning on top. To them, these nicknames are all fun and games. But for a person who is dealing with the challenges of hair loss and baldness, these nicknames can really sting. Even though you laugh along casually with your friends (simply because you have to), you do not realize that they are filling you up with murderous resent and anger. The names get stale after a while, and when they do, the very utterance of them can make you flip put in anger.

3) Your Boss is Obsessed with Rubbing Your Head

This is a problem encountered by those who decide to shave off their head instead of keeping whatever little hair they have left. Your shiny head becomes the perfect platform for your boss to run his or her hands across. It is a bizarre problem, it is certainly an awkward problem, but it is one that you cannot do much about. Not everyone has the guts to ask their boss to stop rubbing their hands on their head. Men who have to put up with this harassment every single day are quite unlucky indeed.

4) Your Co-workers Say that You Look Better Without Hair

Comments such as these are definitely under the belt. It is very difficult to not burst in fury when someone reminds you in such a malicious way that you do not have hair. People may claim that they are trying to make you feel better by saying this, but it does not change the fact that they are simply lying. Bald men can be attractive and good looking, but nine times out of ten, hair enhances a man’s visual and sex appeal. If being bald was so good, how come the others have such wonderful locks of hair on their head?

5) Facial Hair Becomes a Dire Necessity

A clean shaved man with a bald head can look outrageously unpleasant. Thus, to compensate for the lack of hair on your head, you need to grow facial hair. Facial hair can really improve the look of a man, but some men are simply not built for moustaches and beards. Even if it does look good on you, you will hear constant complaints from your boss about not appearing professional enough. Such a dilemma!