5 Things That Make You Feel Better About Being Bald

5 Things That Make You Feel Better About Being Bald

Whenever the topic of hair loss is addressed, all people can think of is negativity. They have every reason to do that. Being bald or suffering from hair loss is not pleasant at all. There are countless agitating and horrible problems that you have to deal with as a bald person. First and foremost, you have to endure the pain of your appearance being tarnished due to the absence of your beautiful locks of hair. The sight of hair strands falling off the scalp one by one or in clumps is something that no one wants to see.

If this was bitter experience was not bad enough, you have to interact with people who will constantly remind you that you are different from them or older than them because you are bald. It would have been much simpler if people were straightforward or blunt with their comments. However, they always have a roundabout way of bringing up your baldness which simply makes things worse. For example, instead of saying, “hey, you are thinning on top”, they will tell you, “you look better and cuter without hair”. This is their way of patting you on the head and telling you that all hope is not lost.

As much as you hate the words that come out of their mouth, you might have to agree with the fact that they are speaking the truth. Being bald or suffering from hair loss is certainly not the end of the world. In fact, there are some specific things about being bald that could actually be quite good. Here are five things that make you feel a little bit better about losing your hair:

1) Saving Money on Haircuts and Shampoo

You will be surprised to find out the amount of money that people spend on taking care of their hair. The information that the hair care industry is a billion dollar business should serve as a clear indicator to the fact that people are willing to go to great financial lengths to make their hair appear as nice as possible. The average man spends a good chunk of his shopping money on getting a haircut and buying hair care and hair loss shampoos. Once you go bald or shave your head, you do not have to worry about frequently visiting the barber shop to get the perfect cut. You also do not have to spend much of your money on shampoos. All you need is the electric razor to keep your head in shape. Soon, that electric razor will become your best friend.

2) You Look Older

Isn’t looking older due to hair loss a bad thing? Not necessarily. Here is an example for you to better understand why. Suppose you are a young entrepreneur of the age 23. If you are attending an entrepreneur’s meet, you are likely to be ignored by your senior counterparts because of your tender age. Being bald or having significant hair loss will make you look older and give you an opportunity to blend in with other entrepreneurs who are considerably older than you. Once you mix with them, you have the chance to create an impression and then raise their eyebrows by revealing that you are much younger than you look. This is how some of the smartest people on earth can use hair loss to their advantage. It is all about adapting and evolving. Sure, hair loss will not fetch you much luck with the ladies (or it might), but it will sure help you in professional life to some extent.

3) You Don’t Have to Go Grey

Grey hair is one of the most undesirable signs of aging. Although there are some who fancy grey hair, most people are full of contempt towards it. Managing grey hair is worse than listening to comments from people about how you are turning into a grandpa. Dying your hair on a regular basis can also turn out to be quite an expensive ordeal. This is where being bald can be a lifesaver. Since you have lost your hair, there is no chance for you to go grey and there is no need for you to waste your time, money and energy on keeping your hair black, blonde or brunette.

4) Never Worry About Having a Bad Hair Day

The term “bad hair day” will simply not exist in your dictionary. You can wake up every single morning with the liberty of not spending 30 minutes in front of the mirror trying to fix your hair. Your mornings will be a lot sweeter and the weather throughout the day will have little impact on your appearance. How cool is that?

5) You Almost Always Stand Out

If you shave off your hair and go completely bald, then chances are that there will not be too many people who resemble you in a crowd. This gives you the golden opportunity to stand out and prove yourself to be an exceptional human being. Most of the eyes are already on you. You just need to make sure that they stay on you.