5 Ways in Which Green Tea Helps Reduce Hair Loss

5 Ways in Which Green Tea Helps Reduce Hair Loss

When we think of green tea, we think of a healthier alternative to ordinary tea. The word healthy is so overused that we often forget to ask questions about the kind of health benefits we can derive by drinking something as healthy as green tea. To begin with, green tea has numerous benefits for your health. If someone were to start writing in detail about the pros of drinking green tea, then the end product would a book with a couple of hundred pages of information on this fantastic tea which is native to China.

In addition to improving the overall health of your body, green tea has the ability to positively affect the growth of your hair. It lends you a helping hand in the fight against hair loss. It is important to remember that certain changes in your lifestyle must be made when you are experiencing severe hair loss. These changes should be oriented towards helping you attain better health and improving the nourishment of your hair. One simple change that you can start out with is switching over to green tea. You do not have to necessarily replace ordinary tea or coffee with green tea. However, increasing your consumption of green tea is something that you should take into consideration if you are trying to curb down your hair loss.

If you have never tasted green tea before, then you might not be too comfortable drinking it on a regular basis. One could say that green tea is pretty much an acquired taste. That being said, there aren’t too many simpler ways of tackling the challenges of hair loss than by simply pouring yourself a cup of this “magical potion” every single morning. If you are finding it hard to include green tea in your diet, then the following five hair loss benefits of drinking green tea might make the inclusion a little easier for you.

1) Natural Catechins

Green tea is one of the richest sources of natural catechins. Catechins are very useful in repressing DHT. For those of you who are not aware, DHT is one of the main hormones that trigger hair loss in the body. Overproduction of DHT can facilitate hair loss and lead to rapid shedding of hair if the person has a genetic disposition for balding. When the amount of DHT in the body is decreased, the possibility of suffering from hair loss is drastically reduced, even in those who are “genetically programmed” to lose their hair prematurely.

2) Essential Compounds

There are certain essential compounds found in green tea extract which are vital for healthy growth of hair and hair loss prevention. Examples of these essential compounds include carotenoids, chromium, ascorbic acid, zinc, selenium, tacopherols and manganese. Other than chromium and manganese, all the other essential compounds have been proven to reduce the risk of hair loss. They can also contribute to increasing the potential for enhanced hair growth. In the absence of these compounds, you are likely to have hair strands falling out of your scalp. Since most drinkers of green tea consume the drink on a regular basis, their bodies are supplied with these essential compounds nearly every single day. In other words, if you start drinking green tea, you do not necessarily have to stock up on foods which are enriched with the aforementioned essential compounds.

3) Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation of the scalp is something that can lead to severe forms of hair loss. Generally, inflammation takes place due to infections, bacterial growth and accumulation of dirt, grease and other contaminants on the scalp. Along with keeping your scalp clean and free from impurities, you can drink green tea on a regular basis to prevent inflammation since it contains anti-inflammatory properties that are rarely found in other foods and drinks.

4) Stress Relief

Recent studies on green tea consumption and subsequent brain activity give us ground to believe that drinking green tea on a regular basis can make it much easier for a person to manage stress, if not completely alleviate stress from his or her life. For those of you who are unaware, stress is a trigger for numerous disorders in the body including hair loss. The more stress you pile up, the higher are your chances of going bald. Consuming green tea can also help people stay clear of depression. Once you slip into depression, your mind is imprisoned in a very stressful zone that leads to an overwhelming amount of hair loss overtime.

5) Polyphenol

EGCG is the main polyphenol which is present in green tea. This polyphenol is used to enhance hair growth in cell culture. It contributes to the strengthening of roots and the activation of hair follicles that revitalize hair re-growth. Growing strong and thick hair at a rapid rate is a prerequisite to combating hair loss and eliminating the effects of balding.