5 Ways Women Can Hide a Receding Hairline

It is not easy to live with a receding hairline, especially if you are a woman. You will constantly get questioned about your hair loss. People won’t cease to bombard you with their remarks about how different you look now that you do not have all of your hair. You may fail to impress men on dates. Your significant other might start feeling less attracted towards your physical appearance. You will begin to feel that you are aging faster than normal and that your life is running away from you. In a time like this, the best option for you is to sit down, relax and think about all the things that you can do to improve your situation.

In terms of priority, the first thing that you should do is look for a way to treat your hair loss condition. If you can treat your hair loss, then you can prevent your hair receding hairline from getting worse. In certain remarkable cases, you can even reverse the effects of a receding hairline (provided that you have undergone treatment at a very early stage of hair loss). Receiving hair loss treatment is usually not enough to restore your confidence. You need something extra. You need to figure out a way to feel good about yourself. Hiding your receding hairline is a simple and effective way of doing that.

Some people might say that it is not appropriate or useful to hide your hair loss. Just so you know, there is absolutely no shame in concealing your hair loss. After all, it is your body and your hair. You can choose to do whatever you want with it. If hiding your receding hairline makes you feel more comfortable and confident, then you should do that by all means. Here are a few tips that can prove to be handy when hiding your receding hairline:

1) Part Your Hair

You may think that parting your hair is a bit old school. That may be true. However, when you are hiding a receding hairline, it helps to resort to some of the older hairstyles for women. As long as you can pull off the hairstyle with great flair and confidence, you will not look awkward or out of place. The idea is to part your hair and let some of the hair strands fall on your face. You should never pull your hair back. It instantly makes it obvious that you have a receding hairline.

2) Go for a Messy Ponytail

A messy ponytail does not really look very charming or professional. However, it is the kind of hairstyle that you should adopt if you do not want people to stare at your receding hairline. The taut ponytail must be avoided at all costs. It pulls your hair back and exposes the receding hairline. You should also not tie your hair into a bun. It is going to make you look quite unappealing and unimpressive as it emphasizes on the receding hairline. The messy ponytail is without a shadow of a doubt your best option if you are in need of tying your hair.

3) Make Use of Bangs

Bangs haven’t gone out of fashion yet. In fact, it seems quite unlikely that they will ever not be a part of the hairstyle trend. Every time you start to believe that the bangs have become outdated, some celebrity rocks the hairstyle on the red carpet, in a movie or in a TV show and you are back to cutting bangs again. This hairstyle is quite advantageous for a person with a receding hairline. Go for blunt and straight bangs just above your face. These will cover your forehead quite well. You can also opt for side swept bangs which hide your hairline just as well as the blunt and straight ones.

4) Use Wigs Made of Real Hair

A lot of women are becoming more open to the idea of using wigs to hide bald spots on their head. Wigs are usually recommended for people with severe cases of hair loss. If your receding hairline is in the early stages, then there is no need for you to buy or wear a wig. However, if your receding hairline has progressed too far, then a wig could make your life a little easier. Make sure that you buy wigs that are made of real human hair. These wigs can be washed, flat ironed and even curled.

5) Always Keep Your Hair Short

Shorter hair cuts are perfect for women with receding hairlines. This is because the shorter hair cut reduces the contract between the rest of your hair and the hairline that is receding. You may think that long hair strands can help you hide your hair better, but that tactic doesn’t usually pay off.