6 Shower Tips to Keep Your Hair in a Great Condition

Some people experience bad hair days when they take a shower. As annoying as the problem, most people can’t seem to figure out why it happens. Some can’t get their tresses to lie flat while others can’t seem to shake the floppiness out of their hair. Showering creates all kinds of problems for your hair, but it is something that can’t be skipped. If you go three or more days without washing your hair with water, it will slowly become quite dirty. The last thing you need is your precious locks getting infected with dirt, filthy, bacteria and other contaminants.

This article will focus on what you can do to ensure your hair does not turn into a huge mess once you step out of the shower. You’ll be learning some simple shower hacks that will make bathing sessions more enjoyable and keep those bad hair days off the calendar.

1) Learn How to Shampoo the Right Way

You may find this ridiculously funny, but most of us simply don’t know how to shampoo our hair. We have been doing it wrong throughout our lives. Most people apply the shampoo on the general hair length. This isn’t really very helpful. According to the advice given by experts, it is far more effective to shampoo the roots, the scalp and the nape because this is where the dirt accumulates. Also, you shouldn’t put too much shampoo on the hair ends because this part of the hair dries out quite easily.

2) Keep the Temperature Low

Showering under the hot water isn’t advisable. If you know anything about basic hair care, you should realize that the longer you expose your hair to hot water, the higher are the chances of your hair getting heat damaged. Once your hair gets heat damaged, it will take quite an uphill battle to recover. For your information, hot water showers are known to strip hair off its natural essential oils.

3) Don’t Pull Your Hair When Shampooing

Some people tend to pull their hair strands when they are rubbing shampoo on their hair. Pressing, pulling or tugging your hair isn’t going to do you any favours. Exerting external forces on your hair will make it more vulnerable to damage and breakage. What’s the point of treating your hair with an expensive anti-hair fall and damage reversal shampoo if you are going to be handling it so harshly? Hair must be handled with care and attention.

4) Brush Your Hair the Right Way

This is yet another embarrassing reality that we have become oblivious to. Most of us do not know how to brush our hair right. Brushing your hair should not be seen as a trivial activity. It is actually a very important part of your daily hair care routine. If you brush your hair immediately after getting out of the shower, then you are very likely to damage the ends and the roots of the hair. Wait a while before you get busy with the brush. Learn how to work through the tangles without tugging them. A simple brushing technique is to begin at the bottom and slowly work your way up to the top. Remember, the key is to always brush outwards.

5) Don’t Spend an Eternity In the Shower

How much time do you spend under the shower? If your answer is above 15 minutes, then you have a problem in your hands. We understand that it is hard to resist the temptation of contemplating about life and the universe inside the shower, but this habit is going to turn your hair into a huge mess. According to a lot of experts, if you stay in the shower for longer than 15 minutes, the natural oils of your hair will be washed away. Therefore, get your work done quickly inside the shower. At least, make sure that you are done washing your hair within the first 10 minutes. If you want to spend a longer time in the shower, then use a shower cap.

6) Pat Dry Your Hair

Perhaps the biggest and most harmful shower mistake that we make is that we rub our hair completely dry. Every time you do that, you end up tugging and yanking your hair. This causes the roots and ends of your hair to suffer from severe damage. You could imagine the amount of damage that your hair sustains when you keep up this daily habit for years at a stretch. No wonder so many people suffer from the ill effects of damaged hair. The smarter and safer way of drying your hair is to pat them dry. Pat-drying is a much more time consuming process, but it will not cause your hair to suffer from damage.