6 Warning Signs of Hair Loss You Shouldn’t Ignore

The fear of hair loss is one that grows gradually. It begins with denial. You find it impossible to believe that you are losing your hair and are inching closer towards baldness. Every time you see a strand of hair on the page of the book that you are reading, on the keyboard of the computer you are using or on the cover of your pillow that you are resting your head on, you make the assumption that you are just having a bad hair day. Some people like to believe that falling hair strands is nothing more than the result of using a new shampoo that is incompatible with their hair. Very few people are actually brave enough to dig deeper and find out the root of the problem. As hair fall persists, you become frightful of combing your hair or sliding your fingers through your precious locks. The last thing you want to see is hair strands wrapped around your comb or your fingers.

Hair loss does not usually arrive unannounced. Just like a disease or ailment, it gives off warning signs even before it takes full effect. If you ignore these warning signs, you will simply be inflicting harm upon yourself. Staying in denial will push you deeper into the hole and pull you closer to a state of partial or complete baldness. Hence, it is very important for you to face your fears, address your problem and take into account all the telltale signs of hair loss before it is too late. In order to do that, you need to first acquaint yourself with the warning signs of hair loss. For your convenience, we have listed six of them below:

1) Thinning

If the hair on your head is not as dense as before, you are definitely suffering from a serious hair loss problem. Thinning is always the result of significant hair loss Hair fall at a normal rate can never lead to thinning. Your hair thins out when you are losing more hair strands than you are growing. Unless you deal with this problem early on, you are going to end up with hair that looks nearly as bad as that of Donald Trump.

2) Small Circular Patches

Thinning hair is often accompanied by small circulate patches on the back or the front of your head. The development of these patches is your hair’s way of letting you know that you have not taken good care of it. These patches will not get any smaller or close down unless you do something to stop your hair loss and imminent balding. The skin in those circular patches becomes quite itchy or painful when the hair strands pop out of the scalp.

3) Sudden Weakening of Hair

If your hair becomes weak all of a sudden, you can be almost sure that hair loss will soon follow. When you are afraid of combing your hair out of fear of seeing wisps of hair on your comb, you have a major problem in your hands that needs to be dealt with. Hair strands often become weakened prior to falling off the scalp. This happens when there is a lack of nutrient supply to the hair follicles.

4) Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is often interpreted as a sign of aging. This could be the case if you are in your late 40s or 50s. However, a young man in his 20s should be seriously concerned about the receding hairline and should not simply shrug it off as a side effect of growing older. The receding hairline is not going to stop unless you undergo effective hair loss treatment. If left untreated, your hair can work its way all the way back. Instead of looking cool like Daniel Craig, you will end up with no hair on the centre of your head.

5) Hair Fall During Periods of Stress

When you are working tirelessly like a non-stop machine to meet a deadline or are handling too many tasks at the same time, you are likely to experience an astronomical amount of mental stress. Some people deal with stress quite well. On the other hand, others are unable to come out of this period of stress unscathed. Often times, stress can leave an ugly mark on your scalp in the form of patchy hair loss. People who lead extremely stressful lives are likely to experience consistent hair loss during periods of unbearable stress. If you lose your hair when you are stressed out, you should definitely seek the counsel of a hair loss consultant.

6) Clogged Shower Drain

Everyone loses a few strands of hair in the shower. It is completely normal for you to do so. However, if you have been losing an excess amount of hair when taking a bath, to the point where your shower drain is clogged, then it is high time you undergo hair loss treatment.