7 Amazing Vegetables That Can Help Vegans Fight Hair Loss

7 Amazing Vegetables That Can Help Vegans Fight Hair Loss

Hair is made up of a particular kind of protein called keratin. This the reason why doctors and hair loss consultants suggest a diet based on meat and fish protein when someone is going through a period of hair loss or balding. Most people do not have a problem consuming the kind of meat or fish that is recommended by the experts. Foods such as salmon, mackerel, cow liver and lean poultry are delicious and easily available. However, this is a diet that is not applicable for vegetarians or vegans for that matter. So what exactly are vegans and vegetarians supposed to do when are going through hair loss?

Thankfully for those who do not touch animal foods, the proteins and other vital nutrients needed for the growth of healthy hair and prevention of hair loss can be found in a myriad of wonderful vegetables. This is great news for vegans and vegetarians who are worried about having to change their diet and lifestyle for the sake of holding on to their thinning volume of hair. Although most nutritional experts will claim that having protein rich animal foods is the easiest and simplest way of combating hair loss, a well thought out combination of vegetables eaten on a daily basis can be equally as helpful in the fight against balding.

The following is a list of delectable vegetables that you can munch in order to prevent hair loss and growth thick, strong and lustrous locks on your head.

1) Beetroots

These colourful vegetables are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. There are countless mouth watering dishes that you can make by using beetroots and a combination of other vegan or vegetarian foods. The reason why this vegetable is so helpful in promoting hair growth is because of its ability to increase lycopene levels in your body. When lycopene is increased, the growth rate of your hair is considerably enhanced. In other words, beetroots contain the lycopene that your body needs to sustain hair growth at a healthy rate. You can eat beetroots with other reddish vegetables, which are also known to be quite beneficial for hair growth since they contain the same nutrient.

2) Tomatoes

There is an incredible number of ways in which you can consume tomatoes. Having tomato ketchup or tomato soup are two choices that you might fancy. Tomatoes are enriched with antioxidants. They also have properties that help repair damaged cells. In other words, a diet that comprises of sufficient quantities of tomato can actually help alleviate impurities, toxins and infections on your scalp. When the health of the scalp is maintained, the chances of hair falling out of the skin of your head are drastically reduced. In other words, you should eat tomatoes often to ensure that hair loss is kept under control. You will also be pleased to know that tomatoes help retain the shine and lustre of hair.

3) Sweet Potatoes

To keep your hair healthy and free from damage, you need an ample amount of beta-carotene in your body. This is a nutrient that can be found in a very limited number of foods. Among them, sweet potatoes are probably the best sources of beta-carotene. When beta-carotene is ingested, the body transforms this nutrient into another essential nutrient, Vitamin A. In the presence of Vitamin A, damaged cells near the scalp and the hair are repaired efficiently. The daily Vitamin A requirement can be easily fulfilled through one or two meals consisting of sweet potatoes. It is a very versatile vegetable that can be cooked in a number of different of ways.

4) Carrots

You might not be a fan of carrot, but your hair definitely is one. If you do not want to go bald early on in your life, then incorporate carrots into your diet as much as you can. They contain a high amount of Vitamin B7 or biotin which is highly important for healthy growth of your hair. In fact, biotin is particularly useful for hair re-growth. If hair does not grow back soon enough, then the bald patches left on your head due to hair loss will remain forever exposed and open for everyone to see. Biotin is also known to strengthen the roots of hair and thus prevents it from falling out of the scalp easily.

5) Spinach

The best one has been saved for the last. Among all the vegetables that contain vital nutrients for hair growth and hair loss prevention, spinach undoubtedly tops the list. It is packed with edible fiber, iron, zinc and a host of other minerals and vitamins that are needed to maintain the health of your body as well as that of your hair. Iron and zinc deficiencies leads to hair loss in a multitude of people every single year. No wonder Popeye was so passionate about eating spinach.