7 Common Mistakes People Make When Dyeing their Hair

Colouring your hair with hair dye seems like a fairly easy task. All you really have to do is follow some basic instructions and you will have a brand new hair colour within a very short period of time. However, a lot of people succeed in making this simple task highly complicated. The reason for that is because there is a lot that can go wrong when you are colouring your hair. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to make their hair look more beautiful:

1) Straying Too Far from the Natural Shade of Your Hair

Most people want their hair dye to look natural. Unless you are the kind of person who is willing to colour their hair green, yellow, pink or purple (not that there is anything wrong with it), you wouldn’t want people to notice that your hair strands are smeared in synthetic colouring. To convince people that your hair colour is natural, you can’t afford to stray too far from the natural shade of your hair. As a rule of the thumb, you are advised to not go three or more shades lighter than the natural shade of your hair.

2) Putting on Extremely Dark Hair Colour

Black is indeed beautiful. The gorgeousness of pitch black hair full of lustre cannot quite be expressed in words. However, going overboard with black hair dye will do you no good. Even if you are a dark skinned individual with really black hair, it would be a pretty bad idea if you were to make it glaringly obvious that you have been colouring your hair with extra black hair dye for the last couple of days. This could put you in quite an embarrassing situation by making you look extremely awkward among others with naturally black hair.

3) Applying Hair Colour on Weak, Damaged Hair

If your hair has undergone severe damage over the last few months or years, then you may want to avoid the use of hair colour products. Hair colour dyes are quite diverse in terms of quality. Some of them are really bad for your hair (especially those that contain ammonia). Others will result in minimal hair damage. Whatever the product may be, do not use a hair colour dye without the permission of a hair loss consultant if you have been experiencing really bad hair damage over an extended period of time.

4) Using Alcohol Based Hair Dyes

Alcohol and hair care don’t really go hand in hand. Ironically, this is a substance that can be found in a wide variety of hair care and hair styling products, including hair colour dyes. Even though alcohol drastically improves the effectiveness of the product, you are strongly advised against using it because it is a chemical that will dry your hair out very quickly. Stay as far away from alcohol based hair dyes as you can. Never apply them. If possible, look for organic hair colour dyes.

5) Washing Your Hair too Often

This is a cardinal sin that countless people are guilty of. There is no denying the fact that it is absolutely imperative for an individual to keep their hair neat and tidy. However, do not use cleanliness as an excuse to wash your hair more than necessary. Frequent washing of your hair will dry your hair out and make the hair colour fade away. Once hair is dried out, it becomes brittle and susceptible to damage. If your hair starts falling off because of this dryness and damage, you wouldn’t have too many hair strands remaining to apply hair dyes on.

6) Applying Extreme Hair Colours When You Are Aging

People say that age is just a number. This should only be used as a motto to stay mentally young. Don’t let this phrase motivate you to put your body under the kind of stress that young people do. Aging is a harsh reality that you need to embrace and respect. Women in particular have to understand the fact that the hormonal changes associated with aging can have a highly detrimental effect on their hair. Applying extreme hair colours can be taxing on your hair after you have reached a certain age (when you are either experiencing or nearing your menopause).

7) Blindly Following Celebrities

Picking up the fashion trends set by celebrities is not a crime. However, you need to do this sensibly. Just because your favourite celebrity coloured his or her hair deep purple does not mean that you have to do the same to look cool. You may not look good with a deep purple dye on your hair. Celebrities pay their hair stylists a ridiculous amount of money to perfect their look. You can at least do a bit of research on what hair colour would suit you before deciding to follow in the footsteps of your role model.