7 Things Men With Thinning Hair Should Never Do

Hair loss has become an extremely common problem in the United States of America. People have been losing their hair since ancient times. However, at no point in history did we have as many bald people as we have today. It is almost like a fast spreading epidemic. How are we going to control it? The answer is simple. We need to understand the hair loss problem before we can take steps to alleviate it.

While losing your hair may not be the end of the world, some men assume it is. Premature balding in men is nowadays more of a trend than a rarity. And this recent upward trend in premature balding has more to do with lifestyle choices that many men make rather than their genes or just plain bad luck. It is true that many men are genetically disposed to undergo hair loss at a certain point. However, it would be foolish for you to keep blaming faulty genes instead of looking at other important factors that may or may not have influenced your hair loss. If you lack a clear understanding of these factors, then you will never be able to deal with your hair loss problems successfully.

With so many men losing their hair while still in their 20s, something is obviously not right. So, what exactly are so many men getting wrong? We delve into the matter and attempt to find out.

1) Don’t Go Crazy with the Comb

You may fail to realize it, but beating up your hair with a towel and seriously rubbing it can cause severe long-term damage to your hair. A better alternative is to use your fingertips and hands to groom your shorter hair and style it along your hair’s natural growth pattern. If you have long hair, consider having it cut. A crop or buzz cut makes it easier to hide bald patches on your head, thus giving you more confidence.

2) Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

While you should still wet or soak your hair every day, having shorter hair means you do not have to shampoo every day. Hair products such as shampoo and conditioners tend to breakdown the natural structure of your hair. Also, allow your hair to dry naturally instead of blow-drying or towel-drying it.

3) Be Smart When Using Hair Styling Products

Men use hair styling products such as gels, hairsprays, pomades, and putties for a reason. They help to hold your hair together and keep the hairstyle you are going for intact. However, that is only when you have a full-head of hair. If you are balding, using hair gel or any other type of hairstyling product will cause strands of your thinning hair to clump together, bringing more attention to the parts of your scalp missing hair. It is wiser to go easy on the styling products and keep your entire head covered.

4) Do Not Wear a Cap or a Bandana

Many men experiencing baldness tend to have the habit of pulling back their remaining hair and covering it up with hat or cap or even a bandana. This simply increases the stress your hair experiences. Furthermore, wearing the same hat or cap often leads to a rise in the chances of contracting a scalp infection. This will only lead to further hair loss.

5) Do Not Grow Complacent

Shedding hair is a normal process and men usually lose around a 100 hairs a day on average. However, there is definitely a problem if you are losing hair in large numbers. It means the balding process has begun. Once balding has started, you need to take it seriously and not deny or get used to it. Seek professional help as soon as possible.

6) Cut Down on the Stress

There are plenty of studies out there that link hair loss to a rise in your anxiety levels. This is mainly because in times of stress, your hair does not get the nutrients necessary to maintain their luscious looks. Trying not to panic and perhaps even seeking professional help are ways to reduce stress and in turn your hair loss.

7) Do Not Be Tempted to Buy Phony Hair Loss Products

You will never struggle to find products on the internet that claim to be the one-stop solution to all your hair loss worries. Of course, there is no such thing as an overnight cure to baldness. Do not buy into the words of vendors who claim they are selling you “revolutionary hair loss medications or treatments”. Do a bit of research of your own. Find the product that best suits your current situation and has enough credibility. To be considered. Most importantly, observe patience. While losing your hair is a painful process, the key is to avoid doing anything else that might only serve to make it even worse than it already is.