7 Things You Need to Know to Devise the Perfect Strategy for Treating Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be mightily distressful, especially if they turn into infected pustules that bleed incessantly. In some cases, the ingrown hairs can appear on your face or other visible parts of the body. This puts you in a very embarrassing situation in front of other people (who won’t hesitate to ask you about the bumps on your skin). The good news for the sufferers is that there are multiple ways in which ingrown hairs can be fixed or treated. In fact, you can treat ingrown hairs from the comfort of your own home without any professional medical assistance.

But before you can proceed to the treatments, you need to garner as much knowledge as you can about ingrown hairs. Reading the following seven points will help you educate yourself about ingrown hairs and put you in a much better position to devise the perfect treatment strategy:

1) Defining Ingrown Hairs

The first thing that you need to do is define the hair loss condition that you are suffering from. The medical term that is used for ingrown hairs is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. Some common expressions that are used to describe ingrown hairs include hair bumps, razor bumps, razor burns and shaving bumps.

2) How Ingrown Hairs Are Formed

Ingrown hairs are formed when normal hairs are cut or broken off beneath the surface of the skin. This often takes place because of certain poorly executed hair removal methods. Once the hair gets broken off or cut off, it no longer takes the natural route of growth through the hair follicle. It selects its own exit path and penetrates the surrounding tissue. In certain cases, hair that comes out through the hair follicles can curl back into the skin. The growth continues inside the skin. It is also worth noting that the accumulation of dead skin cells can clog the hair follicles and force the hair to choose a different path out through the surrounding tissue.

3) Shaving Too Close to the Skin

Shaving too close to the skin is one of the most common reasons why people develop ingrown hairs on their body. Improper waxing techniques produce the same result as well. Whenever you are using a wax strip, you have to make sure that you pull it off swiftly in one nice motion. If you fail to do that, you will end up breaking or cutting off the hair, which will eventually lead to the development of an ingrown hair.

4) Ingrown Hairs Can Lead to Acute Pain

The growth of ingrown hairs can be immensely painful. In certain cases, it can lead to infection which makes life very difficult for the person who is suffering from it. Infections cause bleeding and the release of pus from beneath the skin. Keeping the worst case scenarios aside, you can expect a bit of tingling or sensitive sensation on areas of the skin.

5) Tweezers have to be Used Correctly

If tweezers are not used carefully or correctly, then you can end up with ingrown hairs on your skin. It is also worth mentioning that tweezing is a very common method of removing ingrown hairs. Whenever you are using them, make sure that you use the needle point tweezers and that you have them sterilized before coming into contact with your skin. Dirty or contaminated tweezers can lead to skin infections. Tweezing produces the best results when you use a magnifying mirror so you can see exactly what you are doing with the tweezers. The use of the magnifying mirror will help you pluck out the hair without pulling out a chunk of the skin.

6) Topical Solutions Can Be Used

If you are afraid of tweezing out the ingrown hairs, then you can apply a topical solution. There are plenty of topical solutions available in the market. These are ideal for treating ingrown hairs on your skin. Two of the best known topical solutions for ingrown hairs include Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment and Tend Skin. These treatments are found in the form of lotions. The lotions can be applied to your skin thrice a day for about a week. At the end of the week, you are likely to notice some positive results. If you do not want to spend your money on synthetic products, then you can prepare your own homemade recipes.

7) Laser Treatment is An Expensive Option

Laser treatment can be used to alleviate ingrown hairs from your body. However, this option should only be considered in worst case scenarios where other treatment methods have failed you. The reason for that is because laser treatment can be quite expensive. However, if the treatment is applied successfully, then the results will be permanent as the hair is literally zapped with a pulse of light disables hair growth in that specific region once and for all.