Addressing the Problem of Premature Hair Loss in Young Women

Addressing the Problem of Premature Hair Loss in Young Women

It is kind of funny when we use the term “premature” hair loss. It is almost as if to say that there is a specific time for a person to undergo hair loss or experience balding. If you ask any person, they would firmly let you know that no age in their life would be the ideal time for going through balding. Regardless of whether a person is old or young, hair loss can be a really annoying, very frustrating and sometimes a highly disappointing problem to deal with. Although a lot of us tend to take our hair for granted, no one would be interested to see their hair fall off the scalp while they are live. That being said, there is no denying the fact that losing your hair during the yearly years of adulthood (or even adolescence) can be a traumatizing experience and is far worse than going bald during the later stages of your life. This is why, premature hair loss, especially premature hair loss in women is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Struggles of Dealing with Premature Hair Loss

Premature hair loss is one of the most distressing problems that a woman can go through in her life. Premature hair loss leaves a strong negative impact on the lives of both the sexes, but it can have devastating effects on the morale of a young woman. Could you imagine how torturous it would be for a lady of 25 to have circular bald patches all over her head? If you thought that hair shedding was harmless and naturally reversible, then you might want to think again. What begins as one or two hair strands wrapped around a comb will eventually turn into clumps of hair on the palm of your hands. Once that happens, baldness becomes inevitable.

Going bald is not exactly the worst thing in the world for a man. However, for a woman, it can be the end of her sense of femininity. Not to mention, baldness cripples the self confidence, self esteem and the self respect that a woman harbours. Without these, life can be extremely difficult for a woman, both on a personal level and a professional one.

Premature Hair Loss Can Be Treated

The bad news is that premature hair loss is very common. The good news is that it can often be treated with a little bit of effort. In order to undergo successful premature hair loss treatment, you first need to have a crystal clear idea of what may cause it. When seeking for the causes, you need to remember that the reasons for premature hair loss are hardly ever the same as normal hair fall causes in women.

Female Pattern Baldness Leads to Premature Hair Loss

The usual culprit for premature hair loss in women is female pattern baldness. The other name for this medical disorder is androgenic alopecia. Normally, a woman is supposed to have very low levels of the male hormones, testosterone and DHT. If there is extra DHT or testosterone present in the body, then it can spell disaster for a woman’s health. An increase in the levels of these hormones brings about a number of health complications, one of which is hair loss. The DHT in particular is responsible for disrupting the growth cycle of the hair. This hormone actually clogs the hair follicles, causing them to shrink. When hair follicles shrink the rate of hair growth decreases drastically. This results in an increase in hair loss from the scalp. Eventually, the hair follicles and some of the hairs die. You will be surprised to know that 90% of all cases of female baldness can be attributed to androgenic alopecia. Female pattern baldness can affect women of any age, even those who are as young as 20 years.

Low Estrogen Production Can Cause Hair Loss During Your Thirties

Some women in their late thirties can experience significant hair loss. This is because they stop producing as much estrogen as they should. The lack of estrogen in the body can actually lead to increased hair fall. The hair growth is slowed down and some of the hair follicles simply die out.

Adhering to Modern Beauty Standards Leads to Hair Loss in Young Women

Given the beauty standards of the modern society, a lot of young girls, even those who are in their teenage, are forced into “anorexic practices”. In other words, young females intentionally cut down the amount of food they consume on a daily basis in order to lose weight and maintain a chiselled physique. These practices are unhealthy and can lead to malnutrition. If you are suffering from malnutrition, then sufficient quantities of proteins, vitamins and minerals will not reach your hair follicles and hair roots. When deprived of these essential nutrients, the hair becomes weak and eventually falls off. This leads to premature hair loss in millions of young ladies around the world.