All You Need to Know About Demi Permanent Hair Colour Dyes

One of the things that people like to do when learning about a particular hair colour dye is immediately finding out the best brands that manufacture this dye and the removal procedures for the dye in case things go south. These are two very important things that you need to have knowledge about in order to use your hair colour dye efficiently and responsibly. However, before you learn about the brands and the removal procedures, it pays to invest some of your precious time in getting to know more about the basics of the hair colour dye itself. What kind of a dye is it? How will it affect your hair? How long will the dye last? These are some of the fundamental questions that need to be addressed when learning about a specific type of hair colour dye.

The Difference between a Demi Permanent Hair Colour Dye and a Semi Permanent Hair Colour Dye

A demi permanent hair colour dye should not be mistaken for a semi permanent hair colour dye. The two are completely different products. The reason why they are different is because the demi permanent hair dye lasts longer than the semi permanent hair dye. That being said, you should note that the demi permanent hair colour dye does not have the ability to last longer than permanent hair colour dyes. Hence, the term demi is used to refer to its shortened longevity. You may be wondering, “What is the average duration of time for which a demi hair colour dye may last?” The answer is better understood when time is described in terms of the number of shampoo washes. Typical demi permanent hair colour dyes can last 24 shampoo washes approximately. You should also know that these products are quite easy to use and have been labelled as highly versatile colour treatments.

The Presence of Alkaline Agents

When you want to learn about the kind of effect that a hair colour dye will have on your precious locks, you should look into the chemical composition of that product. Usually, the list of ingredients tells you everything there is to know about a particular product (provided that you have a basic understanding of the chemical and physical properties of the ingredients mentioned in the list). Speaking of chemical ingredients, one of the most common constituents of demi permanent hair colour dyes is alkaline. It is not unusual to find sodium carbonate or ethanolamine inside a demi permanent hair colour dye. These alkaline agents are added to the list of ingredients in place of ammonia (which can cause severe damage to your hair). As a result, most of the high quality demi permanent hair colour dyes that you will come across in the market are ammonia free products that will not directly harm your hair. The simple reason for that is because alkaline agents are not as potent as ammonia in terms of chemical activity. This prevents the product from snatching way the natural pigments in your hair. It also makes it difficult for the person to have a lighter hair shade once the demi permanent hair colour dye has been applied.

Side Effects that You Need to be Worried About

It would be completely wrong to state that all demi permanent hair colour dyes are 100% safe. The absence of ammonia does not necessarily make this hair dye a harmless hair styling product. There are still plenty of side effects that you need to be concerned with when you are applying this hair colour dye on your hair. As a matter of fact, the side effects that are commonly associated with generic hair colour dyes can also be connected with this product. Therefore, there is no reason for you to think that the demi permanent hair colour dye is the answer to all your problems. That being said, you can avoid many side effects of using a hair colour dye by purchasing a product that guarantees high quality. This way, you don’t have to deal with the nuisance of allergic reactions and skin irritations. It is worth noting that one should not leave the cuticle fully exposed when applying a demi permanent hair colour dye. You need to protect the integrity of your hair and prevent the hair colour dye from getting stuck beneath your cuticle.

Best Brands for You to Pick

There are some top brands that produce demi permanent hair colour dyes of exceptional quality. The following products are definitely worth the number on their price tags:

● Clairol Natural Instincts

● Ion Color Brilliance Intensive Shine

● L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss Color

● Wella Color Charm Demi Permanent Hair Color

● Garnier HerbaShine Color Crème with Bamboo Extracts

● N Rage Demi Permanent Hair Color