Are Organic Hair Care Products Worth Your Money?

What do the words “organic” and “natural” mean to you? If you are the kind of person who is overly dependent on synthetic hair care products, then you may not have much interested in organic or natural products. It is understandable why you would be more inclined to buy synthetic products. They are far more heavily advertised in mass media platforms. They occupy more space in the shelves of supermarkets and departmental stores. Basically, they are the more attractive item to buy. However, if you do your research on hair loss and hair care, you will realize that organic and natural products are way more than just a secondary alternative to the mainstream products that everyone has become accustomed to using. You may think that these products are in demand just because everyone is jumping aboard the eco-friendly and global warming bandwagon. But the fact of the matter is that using organic and natural product makes a huge difference to your daily hair care.

Do Organic Products Live Up to the Hype

It would sound biased to state that all organic products in the market are of excellent quality and exceeded the standards that they are expected to meet. However, in general, organic products definitely do live up to the hype surrounding them. There are many different benefits of using organic and natural products. If you want healthy, beautiful hair without worrying about being affected by the horrible side effects of synthetic shampoos and conditioners, then you should definitely pick organic and natural products.

What You Didn’t Know about Your Shampoos

It is hard for us to imagine that the shampoos, soaps, conditioners and other cleansers that we use on a regular basis can actually be bad for our health and hair. The reality is that many of the synthetic products being used in countless households in America are simply not health options for consumers. This is not to say that they are ineffective in taking care of your hair. There are many synthetic shampoos and conditioners out there that will do a fantastic job of keeping your hair in a wonderful condition. However, all of those products carry the risk of side effects. These risks stem from the ingredients with which these products are manufactured. Some of these detrimental ingredients include alcohol, sulfates, parabens and traces of anti-freeze.

It is also worth noting that there are a myriad of synthetic products out there that are being sold off as “organic” shampoos, conditioners and cleansers. These are basically marketing ploys that are engineered to make customers buy the product. To make sure that the product you have chose is actually organic, you need to go through the list of ingredients and ensure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that could lead to hair loss and hair damage.

Why Is Natural Shampoo Different?

What makes a natural shampoo different or better than synthetic products? Most people do not have a convincing answer to this question. Just saying that natural products are made with nature’s finest ingredients will not make them more appealing in the eyes of consumers who have grown attached to synthetic products. The goodness of natural shampoos and conditioners needs to be described in detail.

When a shampoo or a conditioner is truly natural or organic, it will contain proteins, essential oils, fruit extracts and vitamins that your hair needs for growth and repair. Instead of filling up the product with artificial chemicals that only “clean” the hair, the manufacturers create a formula that thoroughly nourishes your hair and breathes new life into the hair strands.

One of the reasons why people don’t want to use natural shampoos is because they do not lather up well. The absence of the SLS ingredient causes this. Just because a product does not lather well does not mean that it is bad at cleaning your hair. The amount of lather produced by a shampoo or a conditioner has no relation with its ability to clean your hair. With an extra rinse, your hair will be cleaner and shinier than ever.

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5 Simple Reasons for Choosing Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

a) Natural shampoos will not cause irritation in your scalp like traditional shampoos because they are formulated to have a soft and gentle action.

b) The absence of abrasive chemicals will ensure that your hair does not undergo damage

c) Organic shampoo is a terrific choice for people with coloured hair. Instead of stripping you off your hair colour, it makes your coloured hair stand out.

d) The nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oils inside the organic shampoo will provide your hair with all the nourishment it requires to grow and stay healthy.

e) Natural shampoos are free from side effects and are absolutely safe to use.