Can Anxiety Affect Your Hair Loss?

Can Anxiety Affect Your Hair Loss?

People living in the modern urban society are very well acquainted with stress and anxiety. These have become basic elements in the lives of individuals across the world, but only a few people among many seem to pay any attention to these potentially dangerous problems. Stress and anxiety do not only take a toll on the mind of a person. These can have adverse effects on the health and wellbeing of a person as well. As a matter of fact, if you are unable to keep a leash on your stress and anxiety levels, then you are basically signing up for hair loss in the not so distant future.

The Complicated Relationship between Anxiety and Hair Loss

There are a number of different symptoms of anxiety that can become self fulfilling. Hair loss happens to be one of them. You will be surprised to know that people who fret about losing their hair are actually more likely to end up suffering from hair loss than those who aren’t too concerned about seeing bald patches on their heads. This pretty much proves that anxiety and stress can considerably contribute to hair loss. The relationship between anxiety and hair loss is not exactly straight forward. Experts would describe their connection to be somewhat complicated. Most of our preconceived ideas about anxiety and hair loss are actually false. In some cases, anxiety causes the occurrence of hair loss. In other cases, it makes controlling hair loss a pain in the back for victims.

Does Anxiety Always Lead to Hair Loss?

If anyone comes up to you and tells you that “anxiety equals hair loss” then they are probably kidding with you. Anxiety does not always result in hair loss and hair loss itself is not an indicator of anxiety. That being said, anxiety can give birth to certain conditions that make you more vulnerable to suffering from hair loss. Additionally, anxiety can make it extremely stressful for you to deal with hair loss and manage your hair loss effectively. In short, it is better to always avoid anxiety so that you can increase your chances of holding on to your beautiful hair.

Stress Related Hair Loss Conditions

The fear of losing hair is often not strong enough to influence people to drive anxiety away from their lives. It is only when people obtain a clear understanding of how anxiety increases their chances of going bald that they start to focus on becoming less anxious in their daily lives. It is important for people to learn that the key issue between anxiety and hair loss is stress. Some see stress as a product of anxiety. Others define anxiety as a form of prolonged and persisting stress. Whichever the case is, it is the stress associated with anxiety that puts people in a position where their hair starts thinning out. Whenever you are suffering from anxiety, you are bound to experience severe mental and physical stress. This stress results in a few different conditions that lead to eventual hair loss. The following are three such stress related hair loss conditions:

Alopecia Areata: When a person goes through this condition, he or she suddenly loses large clumps of hair on the scalp. In other words, hair loss takes place thick and fast.

Telogen Effluvium: There is no abrupt loss of hair in this condition. Instead, hair loss is steadily increased till the point when it becomes quite evident that the person is losing more hair than normal.

Trichotillomania: In this condition, hair is not lost “naturally”. Instead, stress and anxiety team up to create a habitual condition where the person pulls out his or her hair without even realizing it. This is not be mistaken with rage or anger which cause people to tear off their hair consciously.

Reducing Anxiety to Limit Hair Loss

Letting go of anxiety and reducing the amount of stress that you have in your life can bring about a change in your hair loss condition. However, since there are plenty of other factors which affect the loss of hair, you cannot be assured that cutting down on stress and anxiety will stop your hair loss completely. That being said, addressing your anxiety and lowering your stress levels are steps in the positive direction towards limiting and slowing down your hair loss.

If you are a man who has inherited the unfavourable balding gene, then no amount of relaxation or yoga sessions will help you escape the wrath of male pattern baldness. However, as long as you keep your life free from stress and anxiety, you will be able to significantly slow down the process of hair loss and balding. After all, it is much better to slowly lose your hair and become bald at 45 than to let stress cause rapid hair loss and force you to become bald in your 20s or 30s.