Can Curry Leaves Be Used To Prevent Hair Loss

Can Curry Leaves be Used to Prevent Hair Loss?

We live in a world where nearly every other person suffers from one form of hair loss or the other. This is a problem that has nagged human beings since the ancient times. However, in the modern urban society, the amount of anxiety and stress associated with hair loss makes it absolutely necessary for people to look for effective solutions to this extremely annoying and humiliating quandary. The hair loss problem is not restricted to select individuals. Given the amount of pollution in the air, anyone and everyone can suffer from hair loss. Therefore, it is imperative for people to resort to natural hair loss solutions in order to hold on to their beautiful locks of hair.

When it comes to natural hair loss solutions, one of the first things that you should consider using is curry leaves. That statement might have caught you off guard. After all, curry leaves are more commonly associated with cooking than they are in the treatment of any kind of disorders. However, this highly versatile product of nature can play a vital role in helping you prevent and treat your hair loss. Native to the Indian subcontinent, curry leaves are jam packed with numerous skin and health benefits. Reversing or slowing down the effects of hair loss happens to be one of them.

If you are desperately looking for a natural ingredient to boost the health of your hair and stop hair fall, then head over to the grocery store and bring home a pack of curry leaves. In case you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why curry leaves are the ideal natural hair loss solution.

1) Rejuvenates Damaged Hair Follicles

One of the prime reasons why people suffer from hair fall and hair loss is because of hair follicles becoming damaged. When hair follicles are damaged, they tend to shrink in size. This produces thinner strands of hair, which fall off from the scalp prematurely. When this continues for an extended period of time, the person begins to experience hair loss. This is where curry leaves can make a big difference. They are known to rejuvenate to shrinking and damaged hair follicles.

Essential nutrients contained within curry leaves breathe life back into the damaged hair follicles. This helps to increase the size and the strength of the hair follicles. As a result, the denser and thicker hair strands are grown. The overall hair growth is automatically boosted.

2) Unclogs Hair Follicles

Most people have become accustomed to using artificial and synthetic hair strengthening products. Not only are these products fairly ineffective, but they are known to clog the hair follicles since they are chemically treated. When hair follicles are clogged up, you become more vulnerable to suffering from long term hair loss. One of the simplest and easiest ways to solve this problem is using curry leaves. The presence of curry leaves can help unclog the hair follicles. This gives the hair follicles sufficient room to “breathe”. Thus, natural hair growth is restored and premature hair loss is arrested.

3) Stops Premature Hair Greying

If you hair turns grey earlier than expected, then this spells disaster for your hair growth. Research suggests that premature hair greying is connected to hair loss. When hair becomes grey, its health is severely affected. Some experts describe grey hair as lifeless and weak hair that is bound to fall off the scalp sooner rather than late. There are a number of different causes for greying hair including smoking, stress and unfavourable genes. If you want to avoid premature hair greying, then you need to load up on curry leaves. This is because curry leaves are enriched with Vitamin B which prevents premature greying and helps retain the natural colour of your hair.

4) Contains Antioxidants

One of the key components of curry leaves is antioxidants. In the absence of antioxidants, the scalp becomes dry and unhealthy. This is why you need an ample supply of antioxidants to refresh the skin of your scalp and remove the dead scalp follicles. One of the main reasons why people grow dandruff in their hair is because of dead scalp follicles. Dandruff, as should know, is notorious for causing hair loss.

5) Strengthens Hair Shafts

If you want to retain your beautiful hair on your head, then you need to have your hair shafts strengthened. The part of the hair which rises above the scalp is referred to as the hair shaft. Curry leaves contain Vitamin B6 that functions as a hormone regulator, which strengthens the hair shafts as well as the hair roots. As a result, the chances of hair loss are significantly decreased.

If you are looking for a way to use curry leaves for hair loss treatment, then simply incorporate them into your daily diet. Using curry leaf powder and fresh curry leaves are both great options.