Can Non Vegetarian Food Help In Preventing Hair Loss

Can Non Vegetarian Food Help in Preventing Hair Loss?

The advent of the hair loss nightmare is quickly followed by a phase of utter confusion. People who suffer from hair loss in their 20s or 30s are often at a loss (no pun intended) as how to re-grow their hair and hold on to whatever hair they have remaining. One of the first things that people do is bring about a drastic change in their diet. The junk food, meaty meals and confectionary items are quickly thrown off the diet to be replaced by healthy vegetables and fruit. The fact that green vegetables and Vitamin C rich fruit will help you tackle the problem of hair loss is common advice that you have probably received from numerous individuals.

Sticking to this advice should not be much of a problem to you, unless you are the kind of person who identifies himself or herself as a pseudo-carnivore. In other words, if you are obsessed with meat, fish and other non vegetarian food, then you might have a tough time making the jump to a vegetarian or vegan diet. The question that needs to be asked over here is, “Is there really a need for a vegetarian or vegan diet”.

It is understood by most that eating meat and fish does not aggravate the problem of hair loss. However, it is not known by many that certain types of non vegetarian food can actually help you overcome the challenges of hair loss. Here are three non vegetarian foods that you need for a healthier lock of hair on your head.

1) Salmon

Fishes like salmon, mackerel and sardine are a very important part of any diet that promises to help you eliminate or slow down hair loss. The reason for this is the presence of omega-3 fatty acids. These are very healthy fats that are actually not made in your body. Therefore, these fats have to be “outsourced” from certain non vegetarian foods, the healthiest among which is the salmon. How exactly does this tie up with solving your hair loss predicament? Well, besides protecting you from a range of diseases and illnesses, omega-3 fatty acids are nutrients that the body needs to keep your hair shiny, strong and healthy. People who consume salmon often are more likely to grow strong hair and prevent hair loss than those who choose not to do so.

Salmon is a very popular fish which can easily be the centrepiece for a plethora of delicious, mouth watering meals. In other words, having salmon is one hair loss prevention routine that would probably not make you cringe.

2) Lean Poultry

When a substantial amount of protein is not present in the body, the hair growth is adversely affected. As a matter of fact, the absence of protein in an adequate quantity can actually stunt your hair growth and leave you very vulnerable to long term hair loss. In other words, when the older hair falls out, the new hair does not grow quickly enough to cover up the bald patches. Eventually, balding takes place all over your head and you are left with a reflection on the mirror that you are not proud of at all. To avoid this nightmare, all you have to do is rely on lean poultry. Consuming lean poultry food items such as chicken or turkey is a great choice for your body. Lean poultry contains minimal saturated fat and is packed with proteins.

Having chicken or turkey during main meals every other day is highly recommended for people who are struggling with hair loss. Consuming the meat will help replenish the protein stocks in your body. This will ultimately allow your hair follicle to resume their growth at normal pace.

3) Oysters

You may have heard about lean poultry and salmon helping people out with their hair loss problems. However, oysters are the kind of food that you would certainly not have expected to be beneficial in treating your hair loss condition. This is also a food that is not commonly suggested by hair loss consultants. That being said, eating oysters every now and then can be considered a step in the positive direction towards solving your hair loss problems.

The reason for this is very simple. Oysters contain a good amount of zinc. Zinc is a mineral that your hair needs to stay firmly planted on your scalp for extended periods of time. When zinc is not present in the body in a substantial amount, hair loss begins to take place. The hair loss does not only occur in the scalp. It takes place all over your body, including your eyelashes. The cells that are responsible for building your hair require sufficient quantities of zinc to function properly.

If you are not too fond of gulping oysters down your throat, then you might want to try out other sea food options such as lobster and crab.