Can Shampoos Heal the Itchy Bumps on Your Scalp?

When you try to conjure up a mental picture of an itchy scalp bump, you almost always end up with a very grotesque image. You certainly wouldn’t want to look for pictures of scalp papules or pustules on the internet. These are the kind of pictures that will keep you off the internet for a while. No matter how much you hate scalp bumps or how disgusted you are by them, there is no denying the fact that you have to deal with them once they appear on their scalp. Sure, they will go away on their own. However, it won’t be long before they reappear and haunt you again. Itchy scalp and scalp bumps are recurring problems. Therefore, you need to get rid of them as quickly as you possibly can if you want to minimize nuisance and pain of carrying bumps on your scalp.

Relying On a Single Hair Care Product

The first thing that you need to do to treat your itchy scalp is stop believing that any random hair care product on the market can get rid of your scalp woes. Being completely reliant on any one product, especially if the product is synthetic or artificial, will not do you any favours. You need to be a lot more flexible when it comes to treating scalp infections, scalp bumps and scalp itches.

Daily Shampooing Will Be Of No Help

A lot of people believe that shampooing vigorously every single day will solve their scalp problems. This is a major misconception that you need to get rid of immediately. The shampoo can’t help you unless you help yourself. Yes, the shampoo will allow you to maintain your scalp hygiene to some extent. But that’s pretty much all that it can do. As a matter of fact, trying out different kinds of shampoos and ointments can make the situation worse. Before you know it, you will notice more scalp bumps on your head and you will be suffering from a lot more pain and irritation. Shampoos can at best suppress the itch temporarily. Temporary solutions will be of no use in this case because scalp bumps and scalp itches are recurring problems as mentioned before. You need a permanent solution that can fix this problem once and for all.

Excessive Use of Shampoos Can Be Harmful

It is also worth noting that the excessive use of shampoo can actually dry out your scalp. As you keep applying the shampoo, the chemicals inside the product wash off the essential oils from your scalp. These essential oils are needed to keep your scalp and hair healthy and moisturized. In the absence of these oils, your hair loses its moisture and becomes extremely brittle. Brittle hair is more vulnerable to falling off the scalp than strong and moisturized hair.

What about Oils and Ointments?

Topical creams, oils and ointments can be helpful to a certain extent. However, it would be quite foolish of you to expect them to completely cure your scalp bumps and itch. Regular application of oils and ointments will go a long way in providing you some relief from the pain and the itch. But in most cases, it is noticed that the scalp bumps return over and over again despite the regular use of ointments and oils. Under such circumstances, you should continue the use of the oils and the ointments that you have in store without looking for new products. A lot of people make the mistake of spending an exorbitant sum of money looking for the ultimate natural remedy for the itch on their scalp. Basically, then end up wasting their money on something that does not exist. There is no such thing as an ultimate cure for a scalp bump or a scalp itch.

What Do You Really Need?

What you need is a perfect combination of different treatment options. In other words, you need to use certain prescription medications along with a couple of natural oils (olive oil and jojoba oil are two good examples), a unique medicated shampoo and a prescription cream/ointment. This means that the secret to treating those horrible scalp bumps on your head lies in combining the aforementioned ingredients and using them in the right proportions. No one particular treatment method should be considered as the dominant method. Overloading on pills or a prescription cream will not improve your condition in the least bit. The key here is to maintain a balance at all times.

You need to realize that itchy scalp bumps will not go away in a matter of days. You need to give yourself some time to recover. It may take a few weeks or even a few months. All you need to do is persevere with patience and stick to the right formula.